Property Management Report
June 2012

It has been a while since I have had the opportunity to share some info with you, so I thought I would take time to bring everyone up to speed.

The front ponds have had their normal spring algae bloom and turned green. Ironically this did not prompt any calls. Now that the bloom has been treated by Envirotech, we have had calls saying that the water looks “cloudy”. This is just the decomposition of the dead algae and the pond waters will go back to clear in a couple of days. In the past they would just continue to get greener and greener until they almost glowed. This year should be much better with the pond contract in place.

We have undertaken a number of small projects lately. The berm behind Building 25 was heavily trimmed and a dead pine was removed. The timer on the flag lights failed and we had it replaced with a photo cell. Now it will be on dusk to dawn and will not require constant timer adjustments for power outages and daylight time changes. A number of dead/ dying plantings were replaced. This will be followed up this month by Scott and Sons trimming crew. Many owners have been concerned about overgrown bushes and shrubs. The warm winter and an early spring has the growing season in full bloom about a month early, so the plantings really do need to be trimmed and pruned. We have asked Scott and Sons to perform an aggressive trimming on all of these shrubs so that we are not back in the same boat again in late July.

The painting of buildings for this year has started. Buildings 20, 21, 23 & 24 have been prepped for painting and the crew has started painting Building 20. They should be able to move through these 4 buildings fairly quickly and will be done by mid-July.

The Dry Zone project is all but complete. They were delayed by some electrical issues. 2 of the original buildings on the contract still need to have their de-humidifiers hooked up and the new building on the list (21) still has to have the dehumidifiers installed. The electrical inspections have been completed and the Coop has set the new meters, so all that is left is final connections.

Lastly, the “structural issue” at Building 18, does not appear to be as bad as originally expected. The inspector found that there is not any correlation to the main structural walls with the sagging roof. It is though that the issue may be the trusses in the roof may need to be better supported. A meeting with one of the unit owners, SeaScape and the inspector is scheduled for Thursday so he can get in the attic. Stay tuned…

Elizabeth Wulkan
302-645-2498 (home)
202-288-0894 (cell)

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