The Plantations Owners and Condominium Associations

The Plantations Owners Associations


Board Meeting – October 15, 2011

The Lewes Public Library

1:30 PM




The Plantations Owners Board:  Nick Fiorino - President, Bill Deist - Vice President, Sherry Minear - Treasurer, Sal Somma - Secretary, Elizabeth Wulkan – Director.

Absent –


The Plantations Condo Council: Elizabeth Wulkan - President, Nick Fiorino - Vice President, Sherry Minear - Treasurer, Sal Somma – Secretary, Bob Dickey,  - Director.

Absent – Bob Dickey


Called to Order:  Nick called the meeting to order at 1:33 PM


Owners’ Forum (15 minutes):

Mrs. Fantl spoke about the remediation of her crawlspace. She gave the Board members information on her crawlspace and unit.  Some of this information had already been received and some was new to the Board.  She was informed that the Board would review the new information. 



The minutes of the July 16, 2011 Board Meeting were already reviewed and approved at the Annual Meeting on September 15, 2011.



Treasurer’s Report:

Sherry Minear, Treasurer, reported:


Owners’ Association:

          Checking and Savings Balances:

          MT&T Checking                                    29,187.30

          MT&T Savings                                      16,385.47

          Vanguard (Reserve Fund)                        7,092.99

                              TOTAL                             52,665.76


Reviewing the Owners’ Budget to Actual we continue to have overages due to the litigation.  Presently, there are holds on all non-essential expenses.  The Waste Removal is also slightly over due to recycling. 

The Delinquent Accounts were also reviewed and where appropriate are being referred to our attorney for collection. 



Condo Association:

          Checking and Savings Balances:

          MT&T Checking                                    25,860.09

          MT&T Savings                                      71,599.34

          Vanguard (Reserve Fund)                      12,147.01

                              TOTAL                            109,607.24


Reviewing the Condo Budget to Actual we are slightly over in landscaping, but overall in very good shape.

The Delinquent Accounts were also reviewed. 


Sal Somma made a motion to accept both reports.  Elizabeth Wulkan seconded the motion.  All approved. 



Committee Reports:

Architectural Review Committee:  Committee Chair, Bill Deist reported that Ed Wulkan has been added to the ARC.  Bill Deist then spoke about cars traveling at excessive speed along Magnolia Plantations Road.  Perhaps there should be a speed bump?  Bill Deist made a motion to investigate the cost of installing one or two speed bumps.  Sal Somma seconded the motion.  In the discussion Chris Nichols explained the difference between speed bumps and speed humps.  Elizabeth Wulkan suggested adding signage at the bump/hump and it was noted the bump/hump should also be painted (yellow?).    Chris Nichols will also check the local ordinances.


Documents Committee:  Committee Chair, Elizabeth Wulkan reported that the committee would meet every Tuesday, at 1:30 PM, at her home - Bldg 22.  The first priority is the establishment of the Owners’ By Laws and then a general clean up of the Covenants and Documents. 


Finance Committee:  Committee Chair, Sherry Minear reported the committee did meet and further information will be presented later in the meeting.


Flag Committee, Committee Chair, Ed Edison is not present today.  Chris Nichols reported on the problems with the flagpole handle (being free wheeling).  He also noted a bad portion of cable has been removed.  The situation is now safer.  The lights around the flagpole have been repaired.  The flag has been sewn and the operation of flag is now easier and safer.    However, it is time for a new flag - $ 180.

It was noted that Mr. Wheeler has also signed up to help Ed with the flag. 


Landscaping Committee:  Committee Chair, Nick Fiorino reported that the committee would be meeting at his house at the end of Nov.  Plans will be made for the future.



Nominating Committee:  Committee Chair,


Owner’s Forum Committee: Committee chair Sue Spencer is out of town this weekend.  Barry Nichols reported on the Memorial for Carol Reed.  He visited The Rock Pile –the place that Sue Spencer had originally visited.  The price provided was moving.  So, Barry also visited a few monument companies.  He reported that $300/$400 gets you a flat stone and reported on several options – a basic flat stone is about 300.  Something a little elaborate is about 600.  There was also a chair stone and a birdbath.  The number of words to be engraved will determine the final price.  Barry Nichols and Sue Spencer will make a final decision.  Two friends of Carol and Sue wrote the words for the plaque. 


Security Committee:  Committee Chair, Bob Bloomquist is not present today.  Nick Fiorino stated there is nothing new to report.    


Wastewater Treatment Committee: Jack Miscall volunteered to be Committee Chair, but is not present today.  Contacts have been made and no one is aware of an application by YMG for a rate increase. 


Website Committee, Committee Chair, Terry Prindle reported the site is up to date, with new board members, committee members, etc.  Terry recommends the posting of the meeting agenda on the website.  The meeting dates for 2012 should also be posted on the website.

Elizabeth Wulkan made a motion to create a section for owners’ referrals, reviews, and advice on vendors and repair technicians.  Bill Deist seconded the motion.  All voted in favor of the motion. 


Welcoming Committee:  Committee Chair, Fran Patterson reported that Roseanne Perrone and Elizabeth Wulkan are also committee members.  They have re-written the welcoming message and booklet.



Property Manager’s Report:

Chris Nichols

-        Big Trash Day is scheduled for November 12, a Saturday.  Nick Fiorino made the motion.  Elizabeth Wulkan seconded it.  All approved.

-        Crawlspace work – DryZone completed remediation at bldg 4.  The electric is to be completed soon.

-        Structural issues at bldg 15.  Issues with a slider.  The cost to replace the slider and additional work is $5,000.  Bill Deist made a motion to accept the bid.  Elizabeth Wulkan seconded the motion.  All approved. 

-        Flag Pole issue was addressed already  

-        Ditto/ Cinorelli Repairs. Mr. Ditto committed to a date that didn’t work for Cimorelli.  Chris Nichols is working to arrange a mutually agreeable date.

-        Silo Lights are having problems.  Two are not working.  This will be evaluated.

-        Trimming Bids – These bids include the trimming of the trees along both ends of Magnolia Plantations Blvd off of the circle.  Sherry Minear made a motion to accept Sussex Tree bid.  Elizabeth Wulkan seconded the motion.  All approved.

-        Pond Edge trimming – each year done by Al Affordable Tree Care. This must be done before Envirotech takes over the pond with their new contract.

Elizabeth Wulkan made a motion to accept the bid by Al’s Affordable Tree Care, with a limit of $2,000.  Sherry Minear seconded the motion.  All approved.

-        Termite Inspection – Inspections to be done in late winter / early spring.  Elizabeth Wulkan made a motion to accept the Activ Pest Solutions bid. Sal Somma seconded the motion.  All approved.

-        Envirotech Bid for Pond Maintenance – a 2-year contract (so price is one half of the stated price for each year).  Elizabeth Wulkan made motion to accept it.  Sal Somma seconded the motion.  All approved.  Nick Fiorino asked about expenses for ponds – we are now spending up to $2,000 for trimming.  This trimming will be included in the Envirotech contract.  Many items are included in this contract.  So, the savings will multiply.  We have been paying for these services al a carte.

-        New flag – already discussed.



Old Business:

Sandie Mediation – no decision.  Talks are continuing through the two attorneys.


Carol Reed Memorial – already discussed 



New Business:

2012 Budget – Treasurer, Sherry Minear reported - Chris Nichols (SeaScape Property Management) put forth a flat budget with no increase.  However, we have the Sandie LLC litigation.  The Condo Association has now been added to the litigation and because we do not yet have a resolution through the Mediation, we have prepared two budgets.  Without a resolution, we propose a $20 per quarter increase in the condo fees.  There will be no increase on the Owners side.

Terry Prindle asked if the $20 increase should be higher?  Sherry Minear responded that she doesn’t thing so.  Now $35,000 is budgeted for litigation for the year from both Associations.  This should be sufficient.

In the Condo Budget - pest control and legal issues will be areas of increases.

Elizabeth Wulkan made a motion to accept the budget as presented.  Nick Fiorino seconded the motion.   All approved the 2012 Budget



2012 Budget Meeting – November 5, 2012 – 10:00 AM at the GLADE CLUBHOUSE in Rehoboth.  All members will have opportunity to review the budget and comment on it.  No quorum requirement. 


2012 Capitol Project Approval – Sherry reported that on plans for this year Condo (Roofs, crawlspaces, painting, etc.).  We had all crawlspaces inspected and prioritized.  However, we had to make changes.  We need to change our priorities and now remediate ALL remaining crawlspaces.  Therefore, we will not make as many roof replacements and siding replacements.   So some repairs expenses may be greater.    We will leave some funds available for some emergencies.


Owners – New Fountain - $ 6,500


Sherry Minear made a motion to approve total capital expenses.  Elizabeth Wulkan seconded the motion.  All approved.



Owners’ Forum:

Terry Prindle – asked about ponds.  Envirotech does submit regular reports on the ponds. 

Adjourn:  The meeting was adjourned at 2.53 PM. 



Respectfully submitted,


Sal Somma, Secretary

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