The Plantations Owners and Condominium Associations

The Plantations Owners and Condominium Associations


Board Meeting – October 20, 2012

The Lewes Public Library – 9:00 AM




The Plantations Owners Board:  Board Members – Elizabeth Wulkan / President, Jim Anderson / Vice President, Sherry Minear / Treasurer, Sal Somma / Secretary, Bob Dickey / Director.

Absent – Elizabeth Wulkan


The Plantations Condo Council:  Council Members – Elizabeth Wulkan / President, Bob Dickey / Vice-President, Sherry Minear / Treasurer, Sal Somma / Secretary, Jim Anderson / Director. 

Absent – Elizabeth Wulkan


Owners’ Forum (15 minutes):

No one signed up to speak.


President’s Report:

Vice Presidents - Bob Dickey and Jim Anderson called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.  


            The minutes of the July 21, 2012 Board/Council Meeting were reviewed.  Sal Somma made a motion to accept the minutes as presented.  Jim Anderson seconded the motion.  All Board and Council members approved.



Treasurer’s Report:

 Sherry Minear, Treasurer, reported:


Owners’ Association:

Checking and Savings Balances

MT&T Checking:                  $ 19,154.31

                        MT&T Savings:                    $ 34,137.84

TOTAL:                                 $ 53,292.15


We see a very healthy balance sheet this year, while we are only spending on necessary items. 


Budget to Actual (YTD) - also looking very good.  We are about 75% through the year and at the same relative point in expenditures at this point in time.  Some items are over budget, some are under.  The Irrigation expenditures are in for the whole year.  These are over budget because of a well failure and then a well replacement.  


Delinquent Account Report and Collections – 4th quarter fees are coming in now.  Legal council has addressed all delinquencies of 30 days or more.  The most outstanding account is Sandie LLC  at $39,700.

Sal Somma made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report for the Owners Association.  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All Owners Board members approved. 


Condo Association:

MT&T Checking:                  $    23,275.09

MT&T Savings:                     $ 133,352.72

TOTAL:                                  $ 156,627.81


Again, here we are looking at a very healthy balance sheet.  It looks like we will end the year with a Reserve balance above $ 100,000. 


Budget to Actual (YTD) – also looking very good. We are about 75% through the year and at the same relative point in expenditures at this point in time.  Some items are over budget, some are under.  Landscaping is a little over, but those expenditures will be backing off as we approach colder weather. 


Delinquent Account Report and Collections – The delinquencies beyond 60 days have been addressed. 


Sal Somma made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report for the Condo Association.  Bob Dickey seconded it.  All Condo Council members approved.



Committee Reports:


Architectural Review Committee (ARC):  Jim Anderson & Ed Wulkan, Co-Chairs, Ed Wulkan was not here today.  Jim Anderson thanked Bill Deist for all the work he had done over the years and for the excellent records he has accumulated for the past years.  The then reported on two requests – a condo – screen in ¾ of porch and install a door between the enclosed part and the open part.  Another bldg will have the board between the 1st & 2nd floor painted white.  All items are being done to insure uniformity. 

The key words are - UNIFORMITY and CONFORMITY



Documents Committee: Elizabeth Wulkan, Chairperson.  Bob Dickey reported the Owners By Laws are now complete.  We did not have By Laws for the Owners and now we do!  Law requires us to have By Laws.  The Documents Committee has worked on the Documents and By Laws for almost a year.  On the Owners side – the Documents state that they cannot be changed for 30 years.  So, we have to wait until about 2014 for any changes to be recommended.

On the Condo side – it is unclear on how companies holding  first mortgages agree to any changes.  The question is whether mailing a notice to the mortgage company satisfies the company’s decision on Document changes or is a reply necessary?

The unit owners have been asked to supply information on their mortgage company.  If a unit owner does not provide property management with the mortgage company information (name, address, mortgage number), the property manager can go to Georgetown and do a search for the information.  There is a $25 fee that will then be charged to the unit owner.  The Documents indicate that unit owners must supply this information. 

The Owners’ By-Laws are now posted on The Plantations website.  The Board has the authority to write the By-Laws.  Once approved by the Board they will b filed in Georgetown.  The unit owners can then recommend changes and vote upon them.

The Letter of Incorporation has to be filed in Georgetown.  This is basically legalese and is left up to our attorney to write and file.


Finance Committee: Sherry Minear, Chairperson.  Sherry reported that the committee convened last Friday, 10/12  The Proposed Budget is in the Board/Council packet today and will be discussed later.


Flag Committee: Ed Edison, Chairperson.  Chris Nichols reported that all repairs have been done and the flag is flying.  It was at half-staff for Arlen Spectors’ death.


Landscaping Committee: Pat Torielli, Chairperson.  Pat has had an extended conversation with the Landscaper.  A tree has been removed from Bldg 17 – it was upsetting the sidewalk.


Nominating Committee:  Ken & Nancy Brooks, Co-Chairs.  There is nothing to report at this time.


Owners’ Forum:  Sue Spencer, Chairperson.  Sue Spencer was not present today.  Bob Dickey reminded everyone that the Owners’ Forum meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 1:00 PM.  

The do meet regularly and will keep us updated on events.


Security Committee / Gates: – ___________, Chairperson.  We need a chairperson at this time. 


Wastewater Committee: Bob Dickey, Chairperson.  Bob reported they are reinstating the Wastewater Committee.  Tidewater has not yet filed with the Public Service Committee.  The Wastewater Committee is trying to obtain designation with INTERVENER status (to represent the community).

We want Tidewater to be the wastewater company and we need to have input into the rates being established.  There will be public hearings.  The proposed rate increase is still 40%.  The final contract is with the PSC approving Tidewater and presenting them (Tidewater) with the Certificate to serve the community.    When TIdewater files with the PSC, they (Tidewater) will apparently then tell everyone the numbers.  Jim Anderson questioned the Due Diligence Start Date – End Date, as no information has been made public.  Is this still on-going, ended?

Sal Somma thanked Bob Dickey, on behalf of the community, for all of his work and efforts as Chairperson of the Wastewater Committee.


Website:  Elizabeth Wulkan.   Elizabeth was not here today.  She requested that Chris Nichols inform everyone that they are still waiting for the company to get Next Door up and running. 



Property Managers’ Report: (Chris Nichols)



-       Structural Issues – Bldg 18 – the upper units, attic, crawlspace and the two middle lower units have been inspected.  The engineers are looking at the roof structure to investigate possible failure.  We expect the engineer’s report to come in shortly.  Then this will go out to bid for remediation.


-       Roof Replacement – Bldg 4 – will start on Monday and will take a little more than a week to complete.


-       Landscape Ties replacement – Bldgs 4 & 5 – this is an ongoing project, still pending (on the agenda).


-       Electric at Bridge – has been contracted and will be done before the holiday season.


-       Well house Roof – this is being constructed off-site and will be delivered soon.




-       Crawl Space Remediation – 1 bldg (3), plus two units remain to be done.

Unit owner in bldg 4 reported some possible issues. A moisture reading was done in their crawl space and the reading was perfect. 
A humidifier in another bldg was having problems – it is being replaced.


-       Electrical Issues – Delaware Electric Coop is still monitoring the electrical issues at the entrance (gate and ponds).  All of our repair invoices since last problem have been mailed to Delaware Electric Coop.  They have reported that some loose connections were found and tightened.    The monitoring is still taking place & showing irregularities.  They are again working on the transformers (which were already replaced) and have  separated transmission.  They (Delaware Electric Coop) are bringing in an engineer from Georgia to evaluate the situation and are certainly trying.  We expect an answer by the end of this week


-       Parking Lot Closing – the lot has been closed and the trash dumpsters moved.  We have to think about the long-term placement of the dumpsters and an enclosure.


-       Recycle to Begin 2013 – there will be an additional dumpster (a recycling bin) by the dumpsters.   One additional dumpster (8 yards – same as what we have) will be for the condos recycling (paper, cardboard, bottles, cans).   We have to make this service available by LAW.   The recycling dumpster costs 1/6 the cost of a trash dumpster.  We, as a community, will save money and we expect to be able to eliminate one trash dumpster.


-       Numerous Leaks – Siding Related – there have been a series of horrific leaks due to siding  - bldg 25  & 16.  These are taking place in the

cedar siding.


-       Pond Work – will commence again this week.  The trees and surrounding growth will be removed.  The ponds will look bare for a period of time.  This work will be done in November and December.  The work on a swale will be completed next week.



Old Business:

-       Sandie Lawsuit Update - the scheduling motion has still not been filed by Mr. Campbell.  They have also not filed a request for reduction ($ 300) for not using the parking lot.  Chris Nichols met with Dr. Dave Marshall and presented him with a proposal for settlement.  We are awaiting a response.   If we cannot come to a settlement, we would expect this scheduling to come up in the court in the first quarter of 2013 and then a settlement by June.  Barry Nichols added that potentially the trial could be in February.  Discovery questions by Sandie have been answered by us and submitted through Mr. Hutt.  We, in turn, have asked for numerous Sandie documents – sign-in logs, etc.


-       Owners By-Law Adoptions – There were no questions on the newly written Owners’ By-Laws.  Sherry Minear made a motion to accept the Owners’ By-Laws.  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  There was no discussion.  All Owners Board members then approved the motion.  The President will sign the document.  It will be notarized, sent to Mr. Hutt and filed in Georgetown.


New Business:

-       2013 Trash Service – we are looking at what we pay for SFH trash collection - $ 8.19 per month.  Recycling for SFH is $ 15.75 per month and takes place 2x per month.  Therefore, we are paying $ 23.94 per month for SFH trash and recycling.

We will be looking at a new bid from Rehoboth Home Services.  We may possibly go to once a week pickup for trash and once a week pick-up for recycling.   If that doesn’t work we will go out for further bids for the SFH services.  The budget being presented has these issues into consideration. 


-       2013 Landscape Renewal – Scott & sons have worked for The Plantations three years at the same price.  The new contract contains a 4% increase and goes through 2015.  This includes spraying as a regular routine service.  
Sherry Minear made a motion to accept the contract.  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All Owners Board and Condo Council members approved.


-     2013 Budget – We have just about finished crawlspaces.  This year we are concentrating on siding – our focus for 2013. 

-       Budget Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 17, Noon at the Epworth Church on Holland Glade Road.

Highlights  -

Condo – The fees will stay the same and we will be increasing the RESERVE on the condo side.  Our goal is to have  $150,000 in Reserve.   Landscaping is up about 4%; Accounting is down because of two reviews in 2012, Insurance is going up, Irrigation will be budgeted slightly higher,  Legal fees will be about the same as this year, Routine maintenance will be increased, the Property Manager’s contract has a slight increase, Electric is being budgeted higher.

Bob Dickey made a motion to accept the Condo Budget as presented. Jim Anderson seconded the motion. All Condo Council members approved the motion.

Owners – The fees will stay the same.  We will reprioritize allocations to budget lines - Accounting is down, Lawn care is up 4%,  Legal fees will be about the same as this year, Routine common maintenance is down,  Meeting expense is down,  Waste removal will be budgeted higher.

            Sal Somma made a motion to accept the Owners Budget as presented.      Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All Owners Board members approved the motion.






Condo –

2 Roof replacements

2 Siding replacements (3 partial bldg, 1 whole bldg) 

2 more crawlspace remediations

Sidewalks at 2 bldgs 


Owners –

Storm water pond repairs

Gatehouse HVAC (fix it for now, but it may have to be replaced)


The Budget Meeting is scheduled for Nov. 17th at Noon.   Sherry Minear made a motion to set the Budget Meeting.  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All Owners Board members and Condo Council members approved the motion. 


-       Snow Removal - Activ is now out of the snow removal business.   A new vendor Scott & Sons has been secured.  Several pieces of their equipment will be based at The Plantations, so they are on site ready to go.  The agreed upon price is within $5 of last year.

Sherry Minear made a motion to accept the contract.  Sal Somma seconded the motion.  There was a brief discussion.  Stakes along the road will be installed as part of the agreement.  All Owners Board members approved the contract. 


-       2013 Meeting Schedule

Date                Time               Location

Jan 12             9:00 AM         Lewes Public Library

Mar 23             9:00 AM         Lewes Public Library

May 18            9:00 AM         Lewes Public Library

July 20             9:00 AM         Lewes Public Library

Sept 14           9:00 AM         Lewes Public Library  (ANNUAL MEETING)

Oct 19             9:00 AM          Lewes Public Library

Bob Dickey made a motion to accept the 2013 Meeting Dates. Jim Anderson seconded the motion. All Owners Board and Condo Council members approved the motion.


Owners’ Input; (15 minutes)

No owners signed up to speak.



Bob Dickey adjourned the meeting at 10:50 AM.  Sal Somma made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Bob Dickey seconded it.  All approved.


Respectfully Submitted,

Sal Somma, Secretary

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