The Plantations Owners and Condominium Associations

The Plantations Owners and Condominium Associations


Board Meeting – March 14, 2014

The Plantations Clubhouse – 7:00 PM




The Plantations Owners Board:  Board Members – Elizabeth Wulkan / President, Bob Dickey / Vice President, Sherry Minear / Treasurer, Sal Somma / Secretary, Jim Anderson / Director.

Absent –


The Plantations Condo Council:  Council Members – Elizabeth Wulkan / President, Jim Anderson / Vice-President, Sherry Minear / Treasurer, Sal Somma / Secretary, Bob Dickey / Director. 

Absent –


Owners’ Forum (15 minutes): No one signed up to speak before the meeting.


President’s Report:

Call to Order –The President, Elizabeth Wulkan called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


            The Minutes of the January 18,  2014 Board/Council Meeting were reviewed and corrected to show Bob Dickey as the Vice President of the Owners Council and Jim Anderson as a Director of the Owners Council; and Jim Anderson as the Vice President of the Condo Board and Bob Dickey as a Director of the Condo Board.  Bob Dickey made a motion to accept the corrected minutes.  Jim Anderson seconded the motion.   All Board and Council members approved.



Treasurer’s Report:

 Sherry Minear, Treasurer, reported:


Checking and Savings Balances   


Owners’ Association:

            MT&T Checking:                  $   5,255.41

            MT&T Savings:                        46,398.56

                                    TOTAL            $ 51,653.97



Budget to Actual (YTD) – we are slightly under anticipated expenses, about $ 6,000 compared to last year.  The expenses are tracking as they should be.  The two exceptions being snow removal and insurance.  We have been faced with a very steep insurance renewal, which we negotiated down to $ 6,000 from the original increase of $ 28,000.  Expenses, as  usual, will be closely monitored.


Delinquent Account Report and Collections – We are owed about $ 7,700 with seven people being over 90 days overdue.  Three owners owe over $ 1,000 and one owes more than $ 4,000.    


Sal Somma made a motion to accept the Financial Report for the Owners’ Association.  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All Board members approved. 



Condo Association:

            MT&T Checking:                  $    20,925.40

            MT&T Savings:                         118,521.08

                                    TOTAL            $  139,521.48


Budget to Actual (YTD) – we are under budget by about $ 30,000, compared to last year.  We are planning expenses accordingly to stay like this through the year.  Expenses are tracking as planned, except for insurance which is not over yet, but will be as we catch up with payments.  Snow removal will also be over budget.


Delinquent Account Report and Collections – We are owed about $ 18.000, with nine owners being over 90 days overdue.  Our attorney is dealing with this. 


Sal Somma made a motion to accept the Financial Report for the Condo Association.  Jim Anderson seconded the motion.  All Council members approved.      



Property Managers’ Report: (Chris Nichols)


Chris Nichols explained the situation on one particular overdue account, involving a Federal lawsuit and options using the courts. 

Sherry Minear made a motion to pursue collection for all accounts overdue for 90 days, going to the JP Court.  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All Board and Council members approved. 



Projects – Owners:

-       Reserve Study – is in process with an individual is on site making notes on all the common elements.  A preliminary report will come to SeaScape and all items will be reviewed and discussed with the reviewer.  The present dues are now driven by the previous Reserve Study of 2009.   Delaware law states a Reserve Study must take place every five years.  Once all parties are satisfied with the list, then Delaware law states, that is it.  When all is said and done, the Board has the final say and we have to live by it.


For the OWNERS – the roads were paved in 2009 and will now be included in the new study.  


For the CONDOs – the crawl spaces will be coming off the study, as all have been completed.  The siding will also be coming off, with two buildings being done this year, thus leaving only one more building to be completed. 


The Board wants to build a solid balance in our reserve funds.  This is all about making sure the property is funded adequately.  Mortgage companies look at this study to see that common elements are adequately funded and prepared for.


-       Big Trash Day – the Board decided upon Saturday – May 17.  There is a Board/Council Meeting on the Friday evening, May 16. 


-       Pot Hole Repair – an unsightly pothole at the bridge has been repaired. 


-       Purchase of New Flag – a new flag came in shortly after the last Board/Council Meeting, but the weather has not been good.  Upon trying to install the flag, it was discovered that the wrong size flag was delivered.  It has been returned.  We are waiting for the new flag to arrive - probably by Tuesday, 3/18.


-       Repair of old flag.   The old flag will be going to the repair shop.  Tom Terrell has agreed to assist with the disposal of the old unusable flag.


-       2014 Projects –

The Owners Reserve Balance was reviewed and Chris Nichols explained how we have planned for:

-       an enclosure of the trash bins.   Two bids were reviewed and discussed.  Sherry Minear made a motion to approve the Murray bid, not to exceed    $ 6,400 to include a fence 8’ in height.  Jim Anderson seconded the motion.   All Board members approved.

-       Soil and seeding of the 2/3 of the parking lot that was not paved.  This      $ 5,000 for soil and seeding is not a capital expense because it is part of the original project.   Chris Nichols will secure bids for this soil, seeding project.  This area is not ready to be used at this time.  If there is rain prior to the yard sale, this area cannot be used.

-       in the 3rd quarter, we plan to replace mailboxes on Carter’s Grove and at bldg. 11.  This will be a $ 3,700 expense.

-       we will finish year with $ 50,327.00 in reserve.



Projects – Condo:

-       the steps of bldgs 3 and 5 will be stained and finished. 


-       the full buildings and grounds Inspection has been completed.   Notes are in the Board packets.  Common elements at each building were inspected. 

Chris Nichols felt that six sets of steps were unsafe and they were handled immediately.  Signs in poor condition are also being addressed.  The drain pipe on bldg 16 was not working properly and in on schedule to be repaired.   A number of gutter issues will be addressed early next week.  A hole in the front of bldg 4 will be taken care of immediately.


-       Recent snow removal was a huge expense.  With all the snow we had and all we have done, we are only over by about $ 700.  At this point, there is no deicer to be had in the state!  


-       2014 Painting Bids – we have received the same proposal, as the bid came in with no increase.  Bids were received on all bldgs that needed work.   Bldgs 3 & 18 will get hardy plank.  Bldgs 6 & 17 both have mildew on them.  We will need to pressure wash them and probably not need to paint each one.  We will paint two full bldgs and two bottom halves (siding replacement on bldgs 3 & 18).  This will put us under budget for the year. 

Bob Dickey made a motion to go ahead with the painting bid.  Jim Anderson seconded he motion.  All Council members approved.   



-       2014 Projects –

The Condo Reserve Balance was reviewed and Chris Nichols explained how we have planned for:

-       Siding for bldgs 3 and 18   (Bldg 7 is the one bldg that remains to be done. It has a smooth stucco finish.   The south end of that bldg has a crack that will be evaluated.  The siding will be done next year.)  Painting is done in June, so the siding has to be done before the painter shows sup.

-       two roofs will be done in the 2nd quarter.  The roofs need to be done in warm weather.  Then 2 additional roofs will be done in the 3rd quarter.  These four roofs need to be done.  Once these four roofs are completed, all RED items on the Maintenance Chart will be eliminated.

-       We will close year with balance of $230.000, double last year, as long as the bids fit into this cash flow model, Chris Nichols will bring us the further information. 

-       bldgs 1 and 7 need total step replacements.  The safety repairs are done as needed

 Bob Dickey made a motion to accept this plan.  Jim Anderson seconded the motion.  All Council members approved. 





Reverse Mortgage Presentation

Up to 2012 the Plantations was approved for individuals to have FHA mortgages, which also allowed individuals to get Reverse Mortgages.  If you don’t allow FHA mortgages, then no owners can get Reverse Mortgages.

Mr. Walt Lydic was present to speak to us about Reverse Mortgages.  The process is not as onerous as it used to be.  Most of the top lenders absorb the fees and qualifications have been modified.  He stated that some individuals use reverse mortgages as a last resort.  However, that perception is changing.  The FHA has made significant changes and you can no longer get as much money as previously obtained.  Financial Planners now use it as a source of income for retirees. 

The Plantations must go through a process to reinstate the Approval for FHA Mortgages.  This process can take from 30 – 120 days to get approval.  An individual will process the application for the Condo Association.  The Single Family Homes do not need approval.  This statement was questioned and will  be investigated.  Mr. Lydic will have someone contact Chris at SeaScape to initiate the process.     

Sal Somma made a motion to proceed in securing approval for FHA mortgages.  Jim Anderson seconded the motion.  All Board and Council members approved.


Parking on Roadways in SFH

Participation by the audience was allowed for this portion of the meeting.

We discussed the parking on the roadway at last meeting (January 18, 2014) and the following proposal resulted – Parking by owners and tenants on the roadways is prohibited.  Guests may park on the roadway for 72 hours.  After the expiration of the 72 hours, the vehicle is prohibited from parking on the roadway for 7 days.  

No vehicles are to park on the roadway across from each other.   There will be no parking on roadways during snow storms. 


 how will this be enforced?   We are trying to accomplish the elimination of someone parking on the roadway for an endless period.  When we see the same car parked on the roadway day after day, we have a problem.   There have been significant abuses of this in the past.  We don’t want the roadway to become a parking lot.  This is an attempt to control extreme cases.   We are not going to be there with a stop watch clocking the 72 hours. 

- what about Home Care?  If you have a Home Care aid coming every day, just call SeaScape and let them know about it.

- a family visiting for one week?  No, parking on the roadway for this is not allowed.  They can park in the driveway, park in the clubhouse lot, or park in condo guest spots. 

- how do you identify OWNERS cars?   An owner will get a phone call regarding cars violating the rule.  We are not going to issue stickers or passes.  We need to be good neighbors.  

Chis Nichols provided the rationale for “No parking directly across the street from another car.”  - Fire trucks and other emergency vehicles need enough room to get through.  If a fire truck cannot pass, they (the fire truck) will move the vehicle and they are not responsible for the damage. 

A letter will go out to everyone regarding this new set of rules.  Bob Dickey made a motion to accept the new parking rules.  Sal Somma seconded the motion.  All Board and Council members approved. 




Trash Enclosure Bid s – already discussed


Sharp Energy Response Gas Leak – bldg. 16

Chris Nichols reported on a lengthy problem regarding a noxious smell in bldg. 16.  Tidewater was called and then a plumber (as it was initially suspected to be a plumbing issue).  Then Sharp was called and their technician reported everything was fine, while charging $ 130 for the visit.  The problem persisted with Sharp refusing to do anything and not being responsive to calls from SeaScape.   Finally, they (Sharp) did return and a leak in the gas pipe was found within the wall. 

If you have any gas issues with gas smells – phone Sharp and then phone the Fire Department.  



Committee Reports: 

Architectural Review Committee – Committee Chairperson, Ed Wulkan reported there have been no new requests since the last meeting.


Documents Committee – Committee Chairperson, Elizabeth Wulkan reported the Documents Committee’s goal is to write a list of responsibilities for all committees.


Finance Committee – Committee Chairperson, Sherry Minear stated the report was already given. 


Flag Committee – Committee Chairperson, Tom Terrel stated he was excited to hear we are getting the new flag.


Landscaping Committee – the road trees have been trimmed and we are moving ahead with the arborist.  There is a meeting scheduled with Scott & Son to review the design of the water feature at the entrance.


Nominating Committee – Committee Co-Chairpersons, Ken & Nancy Brooks stated there is nothing new to report.


Security Committee – no chairperson – nothing new, no issues.


Wastewater Committee – Committee Chairperson, Bob Dickey reported on the recent meeting held by Tidewater:   

-       Tidewater reviewed what they were doing.  They have owned the facility since 10/1/13.

-       they reviewed the background of the situation

-       they will install new spray heads in the field, the underground pipes are in good shape

-       they want to purchase 3 portable generators for back-up power.  The cost is $ 150,000 each, for a total of $ 450,000.

-       They are proposing to handle pump station replacement – there are six stations, with two pumps in each, for a total of 12 pumps.  They are in bad shape.  The plan is to put in new pumps within the next three years.

-       they plan to fence the pond area and install, so vehicles cannot drive through the field.

-       they plan to put a new roof on the one bldg

-       they plan to build a garage for storage of the generators

-       they plan for improvements - replant vegetation and remove waste from any remediation done

-       the next bill we receive, will include a small amount of credit from the Sharp tank on the property, a 40% share of the profits - divided among 600 owners

-       when all of this is completed, they will have to certify it was done


Website Committee – Chairperson, Elizabeth Wulkan stated there is nothing new.



Bob Dickey made a motion to accept the Committee Reports.  Sherry Minear seconded he motion.  All Board and Council members approved. .



Owners’ Input (15 minutes):

The one owner who signed up to speak reported that his question has been answered.    


Adjourn:  Elizabeth Wulkan, President, adjourned the meeting at 8:35 pm. 



Respectfully submitted,

Sal Somma


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