The Plantations Owners and Condominium Associations

The Plantations Owners and Condominium Associations


Board Meeting – May 16, 2014

The Plantations Club House – 7:00 PM




The Plantations Owners Board:  Board Members – Elizabeth Wulkan / President, Bob Dickey / Vice President, Sherry Minear / Treasurer, Sal Somma / Secretary, Jim Anderson / Director.

Absent –


The Plantations Condo Council:  Council Members – Elizabeth Wulkan / President, Jim Anderson / Vice-President, Sherry Minear / Treasurer, Sal Somma / Secretary, Bob Dickey / Director. 

Absent –


Owners’ Forum (15 minutes):

No one had signed-up to speak prior to the meeting.


President’s Report:

Call to Order – Elizabeth Wulkan, President, called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. 


            The Minutes of the March 14, 2014 Board/Council Meeting were reviewed.  Sherry Minear made a motion to accept the minutes as presented.  Jim Anderson seconded the motion.  All Board and Council members approved the motion. 




Treasurer’s Report:

 Sherry Minear, Treasurer, reported:


Checking and Savings Balances

Owners’ Association:

            MT&T Checking:                              $  11,481.82

            MT&T Savings:                                     52,479.97 

                        TOTAL                                    $  63,961.79


Sherry Minear reported that we are slightly under last year, but that is good.  The    balance is looking really good at this time.


Budget vs Actuals – we are now about 40% through the year.  The expenses are on target.  A tax payment had to be made on the settlement of the suit with Sandie.  The landscaping may be slightly over, but we have the money coming in.  Snow removal is also be slightly over.  All in all we are about 50% through expenses and are looking good.


Delinquent Account Report – owners with past due accounts been contacted by our attorney.   The last one on the list will probably be written off.


Sal Somma made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report on the Owners’ Association.  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All Board members approved the motion. 


Condo Association:

            MT&T Checking:                              $   21,895.30

            MT&T Savings:                                      91,643.56

                        TOTAL                                    $ 113,538.86


Compared to last year we have about $ 90.000 less.  However we did repairs and projects that had to be done now, based on the weather.   We will see the numbers improve thought the fall.  We project having a reserve of about

$ 200,000 by the end of the year.


Budget vs Actuals – again we are about 40% through the year.   Insurance is now higher and we are about $ 5.000 over on insurance.   We will manage another line to balance that.  Building, Common Elements and Snow removal is also over.


Delinquent Account Report – the number of delinquents are on the list is stable.  We are not seeing additional owners joining the list.   We will be writing off about $10,000.


Sal Somma made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report on the Owners’ Association.  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All Council members approved the motion. 



Property Managers’ Report: (Chris Nichols)


Projects – Owners:

-       Big Trash Day – is tomorrow, Saturday – May 17.   No paints, chemicals or electronics should be placed on the truck.  If you have paints, they will be taken with normal the trash; however, Kitty Litter must be mixed in the paint so it is not liquid any longer.  The truck will be here all day tomorrow and it will be checked every 90 minutes.  If it is full, another truck will be brought in. 

-       New Entrance Landscape – new landscaping at the entrance has been accomplished.  We have been trying to utilize what is already there.  As plants bloom the colors will be shown more brightly.  

-       New Entrance Lighting – new lighting has been installed at the entrance.   Indirect lighting is being used.

-       Dumpster Enclosure – that is coming and will be put up in June, at the 8’ height. 


-       Revamping Community Sign (The Plantations) At the Entrance – The existing sign is made of wood has parts are severely deteriorating.  Samples of new materials (other than wood) will be examined at the Annual Meeting and a decision will be made at that time.  This sign should be replaced in 2015.


Projects - Condo:

-       Siding Replacement at Buildings 3 & 18 – is now completed.

-       New Roofs at Buildings 11 & 16 - Bldg 16 is 99% done.  Work on bldg 11 begins on Monday.

-       Step Replacement at Buildings 1 & 7 - Steps have been replaced on bldg 7 and bldg 1 will be done next.

-       Scheduling of Roofs for Buildings 20 & 21 – Replacement of these roofs will be held off until late Sept.

-       Painting to Begin in June at Buildings 3, 11, 18 & 25 – The bottom half of bldgs 3 and 18 will be painted.  Bldgs 11 and 25 will be completely painted.

-       Mailbox Replacements at Buildings 6, 7, 8 & 11 – Again we will be trying to obtain some replacements from the Post Office. 

-       Seal Coating & Crack Filling at Buildings 2, 9, 10 & 12  - Lines will be put in at bldg 12.

-       Mulching – the mulch is here and it should be installed next week.  The snow and rain have delayed ALL landscaping, so our mulch is being installed late this year. 

-       Power-washing some walls will be done in the Fall. 


There was a question on the appearance of the grassy area along Plantations Road and the Waste-Water property.   It was pointed out that the property in question is owned by Tidewater, as the Waste-Water Treatment Plant owner.  Mr. Nichols reported that he spoke to Mr. Jerry Esposito about the appearance of the land and the mowing job that was done.

There was also a question about dead grass behind Middleton Circle.   Mr. Nichols stated that we need to get into a seeding program sometime in the future. 



Old Business:

-       Reserve Study – Brief Synopsis – The previous reserve study went into effect in 2009.  So now, 5 years later as required by law, a new study has been prepared.  The Owners’ dues will be going up slightly based on the Reserve Study, as it now covers the ROAD. 

The Condo reserve study – the present study suggested we put away     $ 203,000 each year.  In the new study this recommendation has dropped to    $ 170,000, a $ 30,000 decrease.  However, have had significant insurance cost increases.   The Finance Committee will be reviewing all the figures and will come up with a final answer on the fees. Sherry Minear suggests we stay conservative in our planning.  


Chris Nichols responded to questions on the Reserve Study report. 

Jim Anderson asked if we are required to follow the document.  Chris Nichols responded – No, as there is no enforcement in the law.  However, the mortgage companies examine the studies and the Property’s adherence to the study.   We have to show items are funded and mortgages may be denied if funding is not sufficient.  He continued saying that many individuals were not happy with the Reserve Study increases five years ago, but there is not one building on the property that has not seen significant improvements in the past five years.



New Business:

-       Insurance Changes - Chris Nichols continued, addressing insurance policies.  He has been speaking to the insurance agent and it appears that we are missing a couple of policies and one title was not correct.  There currently is one policy that covers the gatehouse and road, which was in the Condo’s name.  This has to be in the Owners’ Association’s name.  In addition a separate D & O policy is needed for the Owners’ Association and the Condo Board.  This has been done.  Finally, a second Crime Policy was also secured – one for the Owners’ Association and one for the Condo Board. 



Committee Reports:

Architectural Review Committee (ARC):  Ed Wulkan, Chairperson was not present.  Jim Anderson reported that only 1 request has been received since the last meeting and it has been approved. 


Documents Committee: Elizabeth Wulkan, Chairperson, reported that all is quiet.  We are waiting until 2015, when we can make changes to the Documents. 


Finance Committee: Sherry Minear, Chairperson.  The report has already been given.


Flag Committee: Tom Terrel, Chairperson, was not present.  Chris Nichols reported the new flag has been installed, the old flag has been repaired, and the old unrepairable flags are being disposed of properly.


Landscaping Committee:    ____________, Chairperson.  This information has already been covered.


Nominating Committee: - Ken & Nancy Brooks, Co-Chairs, reported they will begin working on the new nominations in July. 


Security Committee / Gates:   ______________, Chairperson.   We are secure.


Wastewater Committee:  - Bob Dickey, Chairperson, reported that our 40% share of the Sharp propane tank rental proceeds will commence in the 2nd quarter of 2015.  Tidewater will begin doing “Smoke Test” on the drain pipes on Monday, 5/19. 


Website:  Elizabeth Wulkan reported that the webmaster has made some changes in the site’s appearance.  There is much information on the site and everyone should take a look.  



Owners’ Input; (15 minutes)

There was a question on the 9 spaces in front of the Club House.   Many times cars are parked in additional areas that are not for parking.   Are we responsible?  Are we receiving rent for the lot?  Aren’t these 9 spaces for the homeowners / unit owners? 

Chris Nichols reported that he has spent a few hours there speaking to/arguing with people who are parking there.  He also stated that any motor vehicle on private property that is involved in an accident, is involved in a “no fault” accident.  We are not responsible.  He asked for suggestions and someone suggested using a transponder.   

Jim Anderson made a motion to obtain information on setting up a transponder / gate at the parking lot.  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All approved.


Paul Carey mentioned that in the last twelve months, ten condo units were sold.  He reported that there are a number of units that are assigned only 1 spot, while a few have 3 spots assigned to them.  He asked if this can this be looked into and corrected.  Chris Nichols said he will be checking this.  He also stated that sometimes a “2nd” parking spot for a unit may not be directly in front of that building and the best way to check this was to count the number of #1 spaces, #2, spaces, etc., etc.; and multiplying that by the number of condo buildings in that parking lot. 





Elizabeth Wulkan, the President, requested the meeting be adjourned at 8:05 pm.  Sherry Minear made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Jim Anderson seconded the motion.  All Board and Council members approved.   



Respectfully Submitted,

Sal Somma, Secretary

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