The Plantations

The Plantations

Owners and Condominium Associations

Board Meetings May 19, 2012

Lewes Library




Meeting Called to Order by Owners Board President Nick Fiorino at 2:02 p.m.


The Plantations Owners Board Members in Attendance were: President Nick Fiorino, Elizabeth Wulkan, Bill Deist, Sherry Minear. Excused: Sal Somma.  Chris Nichols and Jonathan Poole of SeaScape Property Management were also present.


The Plantations Condo Council Members in Attendance were: President Elizabeth Wulkan, Sherry Minear, Bob Dickey. Excused: Sal Somma.


Owner Comments:

Ed Wulkan – Requesting to relocate dumpsters away from the grill and picnic area for the summer so that is away from picnic area. Move up to where road behind tennis court is located as long as Waste Industries is able to reach the dumpsters. Will propose to Waste Industries.


Ed Edison asked if an enclosure could be constructed around the dumpsters. This will be considered also as Bill Deist stated that no action should be taken until the decision of the Court which may have a bearing on the parking lot. Bill also suggested a couple of alternative locations.


Motion to approve March minutes of the Owners Association by Bill Deist and seconded by Nick Fiorino. Motion carried.

Motion to approve March minutes of the Condominium Council by Elizabeth Wulkan and seconded by Bob Dickey. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report: Sherry Minear, Treasurer of the Owners Board as well as for the Condo Council, reviewed the Owners Association and Condo Association balances.


The Plantations Condominium Association:

As of May 14, 2012:

M&T Bank - Operating/Checking: $44,433.90

M&T Bank – Savings (Long term Reserve): $133,462.04

A Vanguard account was closed and the balance is now included in the Reserve account.


The Plantations Homeowners Association:

As of May 14, 2012:

M&T Bank - Operating/Checking: $16,828.30

M&T Bank - Savings (Long term Reserve): $18,179.40

A Vanguard account was closed and the balance is now included in the Reserve account.


Chris indicated that funds collected are still to be transferred to the Reserve accounts for each entity.


Sherry reviewed the Budget vs. Actual Report for each entity and indicated that each is on-track with expense expectations for the year. Any excess expenditure was a result of seasonal issues.


There were motions to accept both reports and the Board and council members voted to approve each.



Condo Association: Legal action has begun in order to collect on delinquencies. Liens have been placed on 5 properties. So far, $5900 has been collected from one delinquent owner; another made long-term payment arrangements, and another had contacted the Property Manager to discuss some options, but has not provided a commitment.


Chris pointed out 5 additional owners who are now subject to having liens placed on their homes.  The Board agreed to place additional liens on any owner with a dues balance greater than $1000.00. Motioned by Sherry and Seconded by Elizabeth. All in Favor.


Homeowners Association: Liens have been placed.




ARB: Nothing to Report from Chairman Bill Deist.

Documents Committee: Elizabeth Wulkan reported that the Committee has been meeting on Thursdays to work on the community documents.  Jim Anderson and Phyllis Lunetta have been very helpful. Draft of Homeowners Association By-Laws has been sent to David Hutt for his review. Board to modify based on Mr. Hutt’s notes, and then the document will be sent on to the homeowners for their approval and acceptance. The same will occur with the Condominium Declaration upon completion by the committee.

Landscaping Committee: Nick Fiorino reported that most of the plan which he had submitted to Scott and Sons Landscaping has been accomplished. He would like to incorporate samples of larger stones into the water feature at the entrance of the community. He would also like to pursue the installation and maintenance of flower boxes on the railing of the bridge, dependent upon available funding. Flowers have been planted in clusters at the entrance.

Flag Committee: Nothing to Report

Nominating Committee: Elizabeth Wulkan introduced Noreen Strommenger who will be the new chair to this committee. Nancy Brooks agreed to be on the Committee.  

Owners Forum: Susan Spencer stated the group continues to meet and she paid accolades to Roseanne Perrone who has worked to keep the community directory current and to prepare and send emails to the forum members.

Security Committee: Nick Fiorino reported there was nothing new to report. Chris Nichols added the entrance gate was presently not working and the gate mechanic has been notified. The Battery Backup for the Security Cameras has been replaced at no charge from SenTech.

Wastewater Committee: Bob Dickey reported the Committee, with representatives from both The Plantations and The Plantations East, continue to work together in order to gather all data associated with the possible transfer of ownership of the wastewater treatment system from YMG to an alternative source. Homeowners from The Plantations and Plantations East will need to be served by single provider. In addition to attending and questioning Tidewater Utility representatives at their owner presentation on April 21 the Committee has had several meetings with them. Bob Dickey also submitted a letter which was reviewed by The Board and Council providing feedback to the utility while they (Tidewater) continue their due diligence process. The Committee has also asked the County to undertake a feasibility study in order to determine if they (the County) could offer a viable offering. Local representative Joan Deaver has also been advised of The Plantations owner’s current situation and has asked for her help in bringing this to resolution. Ms. Deaver has also attended several meetings in order to gather data she may need. The Committee will continue to gather data and will eventually seek input from all unit owners in order to determine which direction they would prefer…of the options available.

Website Committee: Elizabeth Wulkan asked that owners continue to access the website and reminded everyone of the important content they could find on the site. Bob Dickey also reminded everyone to submit their email addresses as we do not have that many.

Welcoming Committee: In the absence of Roseanne Perrone, Elizabeth Wulkan stated Roseanne’s role and her dedication to the goals.

Social Committee: Elizabeth Wulkan reported that the Plantations Social Committee is joining with Plantations East’s Social Committee to hold joint-gatherings, such as dinners, pig roast or rib roast.  Announcements to be placed on Bulleting Board and Web site. There is also a weekly dinner for the ladies meeting at the outlets and  discussion about a walking group and dine around. Please consider providing your e-mail to the Committee or Board so that more information may be sent electronically.


Property Managers Report:

Chris Nichols provided a report a number of completed and pending projects. These include:

·        Building 13 painting and siding replacement – A significant amount of Cedar Boards needed to be replaced and have been replaced. This building was not scheduled to be painted. Touch up - $700, then paint full building next year. Paint full building this year for $5600. There is not an option to remove a building from this years’ list and replace it with Building 13, as the other buildings have had the hardy plank installed in order to replace the old cement board.

Nick motioned to approve $700 touch ups. Sherri seconded the motion.  Passed al in favor.

·        Roof replacement bids. Roof Replacements – Bids have been received from BallPeen Construction as well as First Choice Construction. The work is to start around August or September 2012.

Bid from BallPeen Construction – Building 4 - $25,625.00 (flashing, paper, shingles)

Bid from  First Choice Construction $33,500.00

Motion to approve BallPeen proposal : Nick , Second from Bob, all agreed.

·        Structural issues at Building 18: A significant hump in the roof occurred in autumn. Had contractor investigate and stated that winter weather could worsen the situation, but there was not enough time prior to winter to resolve. We are now meeting with contractors to resolve the issue.

Chris awaiting costs to repair and will keep Board appraised.

·        Structural repairs at Building 21. This Building may require installation of a dehumidifier.

·        Sidewalk repairs – Undertaken at Buildings 5 and 18

·        Washing of walls at Condo buildings – Previously approved by Board.

·        Gatehouse deck repairs - Border of deck has been replaced.

·        Bridge staining - Bridge will soon be re-stained in order to protect the Cedar.

·        Pressure washing - To commence at Buildings in need of it.

·        Staining of steps – Replaced Boards will be stained

·        Cedar replacement - Cedar Replacement at Buildings 9, 13, 20, 21.

·        Step replacement Building 3 is in need of replacing the steps and several owners did not want to have the work completed, however the steps are reaching a dangerous level and the work must be done.

·        Repainting of parking lot stripes at Buildings 4 & 5 has been completed.

·        All crawlspace remediation work has now been completed.

·        Building 21 – Contractor to see if dehumidifier is necessary.

·        Electrical issues (fountains, gatehouse and security equipment). After numerous failures and damage issues Chris made contact with a Delaware Electric Co-Op representative who made some system changes which is hoped will remedy the situation. Chris also provided the representative with a list of the items damaged by electrical failures and the associated costs (approx $ 17,000). Chris will seek a response next week.

·        Vehicle crash update - Chris reported the person responsible for the recent damage to the gatehouse and other areas was identified and charged. Offender’s insurance has paid restitution for damage caused to entrance gate and other common areas.

·        Courtyard wall painting. Chris indicated the walls in front of buildings 1, 3, 4, 5 & 6 all require painting.

·        Entrance fountain. Chris stated the smaller stones atop the water feature at the entrance would be replaced with larger stones, in accordance with Nick Fiorino’s request. Scott & Son (the landscaper) has been notified.



Old Business


Owners attending were provided an update of the recent court hearing. While no final decision was offered by the Chancellor hearing the case it appears The Plantations will prevail in their request. The last word from the Chancellor was a request for both sides takes another stab at resolving their monetary issues or he would render his decision stating that both sides are not going to get all that they asked for. We are hopeful of receiving the Chancellors offering within the next 60-90 days.


Several owners have had challenges in obtaining refinancing or selling their homes due to the mortgage companies not lending because of the pending litigation.


The Property Manager then presented the latest laws regarding the disposal of recycled materials. In order to abide by the newer ruling several changes will be required. As additional information is gained the new “procedures” will be distributed to all owners.


Recycling in 2013: Effective no later than Jan 1, 2013 shall provide single stream recycling services to multi-family communities. Another dumpster will most likely be placed near the existing dumpsters.


Bids will be obtained in order to provide for placement of containers adjacent to each building. Elizabeth motioned to begin fact-finding, seconded by Bill. All agreed.


New Business


Social Committee:

Nancy and Ken Brooks of the Plantations have agreed to coordinate events with West and will act as co-chairs of our Social Committee.  They, along with Lyn Blomquist, Phyllis Lunetta, and Noreen Strohmmom will comprise our committee.  More folks will join and help with individual parties.  



YMG responded that a recent blockage in a sewer was not their responsibility, but the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain. The question applies to the cleanout and where the clog was located.


Termite baits have been installed around a number of buildings. If termites are found in the bait boxes, the building will be treated under the agreement. Every building was checked last year. Building 20 and 21 were treated, no termites were found last year.


Unit owner Debbie Adams listed a number of deficiencies at or within her unit Building 15 Unit5). These included settlement cracks, step construction / repairs and sidewalk flooding. Chris will re-inspect the building and grounds.


Unit owner Mary Spicer also requested a job description for the property manager position. Chris indicated the information is resident within the community covenants and he agreed to also resend a copy of the SeaScape Handbook to Ms. Spicer.


Unit owner Ed Wulkan also expressed concerns about the repairs completed at his building (Building 22, Unit 6).Chris will also re-inspect this Building.


Various members asked Chris to look at work completed by Willey Ventures. Nick Fiorino suggested having work completed by Murray Enterprises and doing work on a Time & Materials basis.


A motion was made by Bill Deist to adjourn the meeting at 3:56 P.M., seconded by Nick Fiorino.


Respectfully submitted,


Jonathan Poole

SeaScape Property Management

(in the absence of Sal Somma / Secretary)





















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