The Plantations Owners and Condominium Associations

The Plantations Owners and Condominium Associations


Board Meeting – July 17, 2010

The Lewes Public Library – 8:30 AM




The Plantations Owners Board:  Board Members Present – Carol Reed / President, Nick Fiorino / Vice President/Treasurer, Paul Carey, Bill Deist / Board Members. Absent – Sal Somma / Secretary


The Plantations Condo Council:  Council Members Present – Carol Reed / President, Sherry Minear / Treasurer, Sophia English, / Director.

Absent – Sal Somma / Secretary, Maurice Spraggins / Director


Owners’ Forum (15 minutes):

Terry Prindle requested that the agenda be provided to the members in advance.  He suggested posting it in the announcement box by the bridge and on the website.  He also had a question of the status of the wastewater treatment committee in light of the recent sewer problem.


Dean Costas further described that a pump on the sewer line had failed causing a manhole cover to backup into the street.  He suggested that on the sewer exchange the updated emergency number be listed.  Paul Carey stated the number on the sewer panel box was for Siegfried. Carol stated that Suzanne at YMG is the emergency contact for sewer issues (302) 362-0088.  Dean and Terry requested that Seascape retain this number and provide it if they were accidentally contacted and asked that they provide the number instead of stating that Seascape has nothing to do with the sewer. 


Paul Carey stated that in the beginning of the Owner’s Association the bill was one collective bill rather than individual billed.  He stated that once it changed from collective billing to individual it made each individual deal separately with the sewer company. 


Called to Order: 

The President, Carol Reed, called the meeting to order at 8:52 AM



Carol asked if there were any corrections to the May Board meeting minutes. Bill Deist made a motion to approve the minutes.  All board members voted in favor.


Treasurer’s Report:

Nick Fiorino, Treasurer of the Owners Association, reported that as of 7/14, Landscaping, irrigation and snow removal are over budget.  Proceeds from sale of tractor and savings on other line items will help cover overages.  He reviewed the account balances:

          Checking (Operating) Account                                   $34,703.37

          Wilmington Trust (Reserve) Account                          $ 7,608.11

          Vanguard (also Reserves) Account                            $ 7,080.18



Sherry Minear, Treasurer of the Condo Council, reported that snow removal and irrigation was over budget, but about $9,000 will be picked-up on labor savings and waiting on some maintenance work will help cover the rest.  She reviewed the account balances:

          Checking (Operating) Account                                   $74,389.98

          Wilmington Trust (Reserve) Account                          $32,866.23

          Vanguard (also Reserve) Account                              $12,125.09


Nick Fiorino then made a motion to accept the Owners Association Financial Report.  Bill Deist seconded it.  All members of the Owners Board approved.


Sofia English made a motion to accept the Condo Council Financial Report.  Carol Reed seconded it.  All Council members approved. 


Barry Nichols then reviewed the delinquent accounts for both the Owners and Condo fees.  Currently any account owing over $600 has been turned over to the attorney for collection.  The attorney has also been instructed to collect fees in advance for all overdue accounts.  All of the delinquent accounts are current residents of the Plantations none of the units at this time are for sale.


President’s Report:

- Carol Reed provided an update on Sandie LLC.  Sandie LLC has been sent a renewal for the 2010/2011 contract. 


-  Given the potential for conflict of interest we are unable to utilize the services of Jane Patchell, the regular community counsel. Instead, a meeting was set up with a Mr. Davie Wideman of Hudson, Jones. The meeting was set for July 14, 2010.


On July 13th we received a call from Mr. Wideman’s office stating they could not hold the meeting as Hudson Jones had just accepted the position as counsel to represent  Sandie LLC in regards the Plantations contract. This requires we now locate another attorney to represent us.


- Given the contact situation the Board was asked to consider what remedial action would be employed should we not receive a new agreement. No firm decision was reached. It was suggested to once again close off the parking lot.


-        Barry Nichols mentioned that Sandie had not paid the service fee that was issued to them for a previous dumpster violation. He asked what action to take. The Board decided to hold off on any further action until we find out more about the pending contract.








Committee Reports:

Architectural Review Committee:  Bill Deist, Committee Chair, reported that all is quiet.  There are currently no requests.


Documents Committee:  Paul Carey, Committee Chair, reported that the State legislature approved some modifications to the Title 25 law.  He reported that nothing major changes.  He highlighted the following:


-        The resale certification changes from 90 days to 6 months.  Buyers have 10 days to review and the law extended time for condominium associations to meet reserve requirements. 

-        The law requires property managers, or condominium associations to report money outstanding to the associations. 

-        Capital gains have to now be withheld at the time of the property sale.


Nick asked if we have rules of order for the condominium association.  There are rules of order for the condominium association but not for the owners’ association.  The condominium rules of order are used for both associations.  Nick suggested we consult the attorney to see if the owner’s documents needed to be changed to include rules of order.


Finance Committee: Financial details provided under Treasurer’s reports by Nick Fiorino and Sherry Minear. Nothing else to report.


Flag Committee:  we still have a vacancy for the position of Committee Chair.  Mr. Pruess had volunteered to raise/lower the flag.  The members of the committee are:  Ed Edison, Maurice Spraggins, and Dean Costas.  It was discussed how important it is to maintain the flag to mitigate the expense of replacing when worn and tattered. A contactor has been notified to construct a box at the base of the flag pole to contain the flag, once lowered.


Landscape Committee:  Carol Reed, Committee Chair, reported Scott Landscaping is doing a fine job despite severe winter damage, which left them behind on general maintenance.  They are working hard to catch up.  They are adding new trees and shrubs.  Edging, weeding and mulching are in process.  Treatments for fire blight and bag worms are underway. 


If members have issues they are to call Carol to add to the current ongoing list of landscaping requests.  Heavy trimming  has been completed and additional trimming is planned for the fall. 


The irrigation system is undergoing significant repairs , many of which are being addressed as they surface


Carol is still receiving calls about decorations in common areas.  She again reminded…One owner’s treasures, may not be valued by others.


Nominating Committee:  Presently there is no Committee Chair.  Need assistance with balloting for the annual meeting. Carol made several requests for volunteers to serve on the balloting committee, however no one stepped up, at this point.


Owners Forum:  Elizabeth Wulkan, Committee Chair, reported the Yard Sale was cancelled due to not enough participation.  Last year 25 signed up and this year only 9.  The Owners’ Forum is planning for a cookout following the Sept. Annual Meeting.  The board has budgeted $500 to defray costs for the cookout and other Owner’s Forum expenses.


Security Committee:  Nick Fiorino, Committee Chair, reported there were no complaints.  The gates will eventually need to be replaced due to damage and normal wear and tear. 


Waste Water Committee:  Presently there is no Committee Chair.  Paul Carey made a motion to disband committee as the current situation is not relative to its original intent of formation.  The need for the committee no longer exists.  Bill Deist seconded the motion.  All members of the Owners Board approved.


The property manager pointed out that there are still many opportunities for this committee to address.


Website:  Terry Prindle, Committee Chair reported that everything was going great.  It seems to be a very important tool to effectively communicate to members.  There have been 856 hits to the website.

Welcoming Committee: Trip Wilkinson, Committee Chair was not present.


Property Manager’s Report:

Barry Nichols reported:

-        Rental shed consolidation, / rate increase $25 @ mo.(June)

o   Yard sale items – Need to sell items to cut back from 2 sheds to one because of the rate increase.

o   Golf cart repairs – replaced transformer and tire.

-        Update on bldg. painting. (total) 6, 7, 11, 16  / partial Bldg 1, 9, 17, 21 & 25)  

-        Gatehouse doors painted

-        Striping and numbering of parking slots / circle completed

-        Irrigation repairs (extensive $ 5,731 +)

-        Road markers reinstalled (many occasions) Paul Carey made motion that a procedure be established for damage to community property.  Anyone responsible for damage to community property will be billed accordingly.  Nick Fiorino seconded the motion.  All members of the Owners Board approved.

-        Pump house roof & wall repaired

-        Bushes trimmed back at circle, safety issue

-        Electrical box at gatehouse island replaced, numerous damage issues

-        Flag repaired. Received quote for “flag box”, $ 350, approved

-        Extensive unit exterminations for ants

-        Several minor roof repairs made.  Barry noted that due to timing of cash receipts and overage in unexpected areas major repairs to Bldg11, other siding and sidewalk repairs the roof replacements were on hold.

-        Fountain issues.  2 new fountains are on order.

-        Waste removal

o   Rate increase Rehoboth Services & Moore Waste removal due to Delaware Solid Waste Authority dramatic increase in dump fees. 

o   Big Trash Day September will be September 11th

o   Trash bags.  Not all residents are using the appropriate trash bags.  Thinner ones tend to break and cause extra work and mess for the trash collector. 

-        Mailbox replacements.  Waiting on post office.

-        Dumpster violations / new signs.  When dumpsters were switched out the violations sign was not replaced.  Need to install new signs.

-        Crawl space remediation at Bldg 7 / put on hold

-        Bids

o   Sidewalks $4,185 Building 5 Building 9, $ 896

o   Crack fill (parking lots) $3,000.

o   Bridge (walkway).  Need to request bids for replacement of the footbridge.

-        Tractor sale (final payment soon)

-        Nominating / Documents Committee NEED VOLUNTEERS

-        Board meetings booked at Lewes library Sept and Oct and changed to 1:00 P.M.


Old Business:



New Business:

-        Candidate bios – Need bios for all candidates running for condominium and owner’s association boards.  Planning on including them in the mailing announcing the Annual Meeting.

-        Prepare for Annual Meeting.  Needing counters of ballots for annual meeting.  Need suggestions on what should be on the agenda.

-        Cook-out on September 18th following the Annual Meeting at the Plantations.


Owners’ Forum:

Terry Prindle suggested if at the time of the annual meeting there still were not enough persons to assist will ballot counting an announcement be given requesting volunteers at the beginning of the Annual Meeting.


Dean Costas discussed:

Delaware Electric Cooperative (Co-op) had recent lobbying success.  Bill Andrews President and CEO of Co-op lobbied successful to defeat a bill in the Senate that would have increased electric rates by 50%. 

House Bill #277 an act to amend title 26 of the Delaware code relating to the standard used for cost recovery for public utilities in proceedings involving a change in rates was stricken on June 8, 2010.


The $9 million Cedar Grove / Postal Road project has been challenged and an alternative has been proposed that could save $6 million.  The alternative suggests moving Postal instead of Cedar Grove.


Carol Reed, Board President, adjourned the meeting at 10:47 AM.  The Associations’ boards’ then went into executive session.


Executive Session:


The property manger announced his retirement and offered to run for the Board / Council, if desired by the officers.


Respectfully submitted,

Sherry Minear

Acting Secretary

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