The Plantations Owners and Condominium Associations

The Plantations Owners and Condominium Associations


Board Meeting – July 20, 2013

The Lewes Public Library – 9:00 AM




The Plantations Owners Board:  Board Members – Elizabeth Wulkan / President, Jim Anderson / Vice President, Sherry Minear / Treasurer, Sal Somma / Secretary, Bob Dickey / Director.

Absent – Elizabeth Wulkan


The Plantations Condo Council:  Council Members – Elizabeth Wulkan / President, Bob Dickey / Vice-President, Sherry Minear / Treasurer, Sal Somma / Secretary, Jim Anderson / Director. 

Absent – Elizabeth Wulkan


Owners’ Forum (15 minutes):

Paul Carey – complimented the Owners’ Association & Condo Council on the good job they have consistently done.  First issue is the dumpsters – being used by outsiders, even Plantations East.  He didn’t have any recommendations, but said something has to be done about the situation.  Also, one fountain doesn’t have lights on it.  (Response - that is the one remaining old fountain – the light kit has been broken and is not replaceable.  When that fountain goes, it will be replaced.  It does not pay to buy a new light kit for that OLD fountain.)

He also asked - how much do we really need these dumpsters?  Could we do perhaps have several areas with a small container throughout the community that would serve smaller sections of the community?


Bob Bloomquist – asked - Can we use a large garbage pail with a lid by each condo (for the renters)? 


Bill Andrews – stated that he has issues with the Board, the landscaper and SeaScape.  At bldg 15 – the courtyard is being neglected.  Bldg 14 has sliding doors that are difficult to open.  After Middleton Circle had been repaved there was one section left undone and an owner had to place a piece of plywood over it, as a large puddle formed with the rain.  In addition many plants are growing into the azaleas and at the rear of the bldg. a vine is growing up the wall.

Chris Nichols responded –the landscape at bldg 15 is scheduled to be improved.   He has spoken to Scott & Sons (landscaper) and agrees that some things need to be improved.



President’s Report:

Bob Dickey, Vice President of the Condo Council called the meeting to order at 9:00 am.



            Approval of Minutes of the May 18, 2013 Board/Council Meeting.  Sal Somma made a motion to approve the minutes.  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All Association and Council members approved. 



Treasurer’s Report:

 Sherry Minear, Treasurer, reported:


Checking and Savings Balances


Owners’ Association:

            MT&T Checking:                  19,093.74

            MT&T Savings:                     46,608.39

                                    TOTAL      $   65,702.13


Budget vs. Actual (YTD)

We are on track for where we are (about ˝ way through the year).  We are aware of a couple areas that are over budget (insurance) and they will balance our over the year. 


Delinquent Account Report and Collections

Overdue accounts have been addressed.  One unit has been taken over by bank, so we will ultimately take a loss on these overdue funds.


Sal Somma made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report on the Owners’ Association.  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All Association members approved the motion. 



Checking and Savings Balances


Condo Association:

            MT&T Checking:                  21,095.24

            MT&T Savings:                 137,825.25

                                    TOTAL     $ 158,920.49


Budget vs. Actual (YTD)

This is pretty much the same - we are over on insurance costs, because of high increases.   We will even out as we move into the fall.


Delinquent Account Report and Collections

The overdue accounts have been addressed.  A lien has been placed on one of the delinquents, but payments have not been made.  Chris Nichols asked the Board if we wanted to file in JP Court to seek a judgment against the unit owners and then we can escalate to the superior court.  The Board agreed.             


Sal Somma made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report on the Condo Council.  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All Council members approved.          


Property Manager’s Report: (Chris Nichols)


Projects – Owners:

-       Parking Lot Removal – the weeds have been cut down.  The removal of the parking lot has been put on hold. 


-       Sign Repair / Replacement – a number of signs have been replaced.  YIELD signs are on order.  The new signs are made of a different material, which will last longer, while still keeping the look of the old signs. 


-       Painting of Roadside Posts & Sign Posts - All posts have been painted. 


-       Entrance Fountain Repairs – ants have been in the electrical box and causing problems.  At advisement of landscaping committee, the front entrance water feature will be taken out and completely replaced.    This will be done in the fall, when the traffic entering and exiting the property is much less.


-       Exit Gate Issues – was working intermittently, so the arm has been removed.  The loop detector has been replaced, but it did not solve the problem.  Apparently the problem is in the board and a new one is being shipped from California.   The gate should be up and running by mid-week.


-       Fountain Repairs – Sherry Minear made a motion to purchase the 4th fountain and replace the bad fountain.  This had been budgeted for in the reserve study and already approved by the Association.  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All Association members approved.   


-       Tree Removal – Carter’s Grove / Circle – bids were reviewed  for removal of the large pine tree just off the circle.  It was pointed out that other trees need to be removed, so perhaps the vendor doing the removal can do additional trees while on site?  Sherry Minear made a motion to accept the tree removal bid from Sussex Tree, Inc.  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All Council members approved. 



Projects – Condo:

-       Hardy Plank Bids (Bldgs 4 & 5) – completed.  All rotted wood replaced. (bldg 5).  Mold remediation taken care of, necessary interior work has been addressed also. 


-       Roof Replacement Bids (Bldgs 8 & 13) – shingles delivered.  Color will be matched to existing shingles.    Colors of bldgs are also matched to existing colors.   Roof replacement – remove existing shingles, repair any wood sheathing necessary and then install new shingles. 



-       Paving (Middleton Circle) – paving done, a few issues with parking spot numbering, will be corrected.   A drain will be put in at the front of the bldg 15 courtyard, which is lower than the parking lot.


-       Building Painting Preparations (Bldgs 4, 5, 13, 19) – will begin this week. 


-       Siding Repairs Bldg 19 – completed, ready for painting.


-       Bldg 18 Merestone Inspection – will occur on Monday.


-       Bldg 15 Courtyard Prep – in the works


-       Gas Leak Bldg 19 – 4:30 AM.   This .was the gas valve on a personal heater.   Chris Nichols was requested to include appropriate in the next newsletter – the gas valves need to be checked periodically.  It is also recommended that units with gas power have a carbon monoxide detector. 


-       The updated Maintenance Chart was reviewed.  Chris Nichols noted that the bldg 3 steps are in bad shape and need to be done this fall.  Vines on the building also need to be removed.


Old Business:

-       Sandie Lawsuit Update – we are still waiting for final signature from Sandie LLC’s attorney on the map for the easement.  The lawsuit has been settled and completed.  The court is processing payment of the money it has been holding. 


New Business:

-       Potential Sale of Community Center – it has been rumored that the Community Center will soon be for sale.  This is not official at this time.


-       PSC Meeting re: 1600 Group Sale to Tidewater – Bob Dickey reported that on July 30th, the PSC will meet to discuss the sale and the proposed rate increase.   A settlement agreement is in place with YMG, Tidewater, PSC and the public advocate.  It calls for no increase the first year and for a rate increase of 34 – 37% in the 2nd year.  This is based on the purchase price and a return on investment and expenses.  Pumps and lifts will be replaced.  There are 12 pumps to be replaced over three years.  The Sharp Gas revenue question - we, the committee, did not sign onto the revenue agreement, because of the Sharp Gas issue.  It had been taken out of the revenue base. 

Once a higher rate is set, it should be there for a long time; but we don’t see that in writing.   The agreement is only for two years.  Tidewater also stated they may “walk” if the agreement is not accepted.



Chris Nichols spoke about a water leak in one unit.  The upstairs unit owner has been contacted, but has been unresponsive.    Chris asked for Board approval to send a letter to the upstairs unit owner – stating they should repair the leak in 7 days or we will do it and have them billed for the repair.  The Board approved the sending of this letter.



Chris Nichols also spoke about obtaining an Arborist’s Report – an inventory of the community’s trees.  This would note the condition of each tree and then provide trimming recommendations, feeding recommendations, and a general management plan for the trees.  It was pointed out that we need the Arborist to separate the Condo and Owners’ trees.  Chris will get an agreement for a specific fee, rather than the $ 4,500 - $ 5,500 estimate given.


Sherry Minear made a motion to proceed with the arborist inventory at the fee of $ 4,500.   Jim Anderson seconded the motion.  All Association and Council members approved the motion.



Committee Reports:


Architectural Review Committee (ARC):  Ed Wulkan, Chairperson, absent.

Jim Anderson reported – two recent requests: 1- condo unit added a line for a hose; 2- condo put in windows in a veranda, originally had no request submitted.  They will be painted to match the community and the spindles replaced. 

Paul Carey pointed out that County Building Permits need to be secured for any structural change (enclose a porch w/permanent windows – not plastic, etc., etc.).  There was a brief discussion on the Building Permits.  Jim Anderson will explore the issue


Documents Committee: Elizabeth Wulkan, Chairperson, absent.

Jim Anderson reported that all documents have been sent to Mr. Hutt for review.


Finance Committee: Sherry Minear, Chairperson, stated there is nothing additional to report.


Flag Committee: Ed Edison, Chairperson.  A new flag is up.


Landscaping Committee: Judy Bruene, Chairperson.  Judy stated there are problems with many courtyards.  She explained some issues with prunings around her building.  She will be meeting with the Landscaping Committee this Thursday and will also meet with the Arborist.   


Nominating Committee:  Ken & Nancy Brooks, Co-Chairs.   Elections will be coming up in September and a few places on the Board & Council will be open.


Owners’ Forum:  Sue Spencer, Chairperson, reported that most of their concerns have been addressed.  One concern that has not been mentioned is the gutters (Bldg 6), which are overflowing.  Sue questioned our procedure for gutter maintenance.


Security Committee / Gates: –      , Chairperson.  The gates issues have been addressed earlier. 


Wastewater Committee:  - Bob Dickey, Chairperson.   This was also addressed earlier in the meeting.


Website:  Elizabeth Wulkan, absent today.  There is nothing new to report.


There was a question on the dumpsters’ location.  This is still open, pending developments at the Community Center.


The information box is missing from the message board at the entrance.  However information boxes have been installed at each mailbox location.  It was also pointed out that some bushes have overgrown and have crowded out the azaleas, which now are being killed. 



Owners’ Input; (15 minutes)

No one signed up to speak at the end of the meeting.




The meeting was adjourned 10:50 am. 



Respectfully Submitted,

Sal Somma


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