The Plantations Owners and Condominium Associations

The Plantations Owners and Condominium Associations


Board Meeting – September 15, 2012

Fish-On Restaurant – 9:00 AM




The Plantations Owners Board:  Board Members – Nick Fiorino / President, Bill Deist / Vice President, Sherry Minear / Treasurer, Sal Somma / Secretary, Elizabeth Wulkan / Director.

Absent – Nick Fiorino (resigned)


The Plantations Condo Council:  Council Members – Elizabeth Wulkan / President, Nick Fiorino / Vice-President, Sherry Minear / Treasurer, Sal Somma / Secretary, Bob Dickey / Director. 

Absent – Nick Fiorino (resigned)



Call to Order: Bill Deist, Vice President of the Owners’ Association, called the meeting to order at 9:04 AM.  He announced that Nick Fiorino, President of the Owners’ Association, had resigned.


The minutes of the September 2011 Annual were reviewed.  Sal Somma made a motion to accept the minutes.  Elizabeth Wulkan seconded the motion.  All Board and Council members approved. 


Treasurer’s Report (Sherry Minear, Treasurer)


Checking and Savings Balances:


Owners’ Association:

            MT&T Checking:                  $ 22,649.24

            MT&T Savings:                    $ 28,349.79

                        TOTAL:                   $ 50,999.03



Budget to Actual (2011):  With the Condo Association, this was slightly over ($12,000), but covered by excesses from the previous year.   The most grievous line was Landscaping, but we were able to save in other areas.

With the Owners’ Association, we came in completely under budget.  Due to the Legal issues we only spent on items that were necessary.


Budget to Actual (YTD / 2012):  With the Condo Association, this is consistent for this time of year, many expenditures are frontloaded.  We are at about 75% of the budget. 
With the Owners’ Association, the irrigation line is over - we had to add a well, however that may be moved into the capital budget.

With the Condos, we are at about 75% of expenditures.  Painting and routine maintenance are completed for the year.


Delinquent Account Report and Collections: With the Owners, the largest sum is Sandie at about $38,000.  All individual owners with late fees have been contacted and where necessary, also by the attorney.

Condo – All condo owners with late fees have been contacted and where necessary, also by the attorney.  Collections are being made.


Financial Reviews – The accountants have done a Financial Review and everything is OK.  Copies of the review are available from SeaScape Property Management


Condo Association:

            MT&T Checking:                  $     6,527.32

            MT&T Savings:                    $ 110,528.96

                        TOTAL:                    $ 117,056.28



Sal Somma made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report for the Owners’ Association.  Elizabeth Wulkan seconded the motion.  All members of the Owners’ Board approved.


Sal Somma made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report for the Condo Association.  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All members of the Condo Council approved. 



Chris Nichols announced that a quorum has not been attained – we are about 19 owners short).  Chris Nichols then gave the attendees options –

1-    hold election

2-    adjourn the meeting & go home

The majority of attendees voted to hold the meeting and hold the elections this morning. 


Delaware Electric Coop:  Representatives of the Delaware Electric Cooperative- Troy Dickerson, Engineer and Kenneth Ellers, Vice President of Operations, reported on the electrical issues we have been experiencing at the fountains and entrance gate.


They informed those present of the items that have already been done  (changed capacitors, use of recorders to monitor the voltage/equipment over time, tightened connections, replaced meter pan on the guardhouse, changed the three transformers & tested the old ones, continue to monitor the voltage, etc, etc.) to correct the problems.  They will continue to monitor the lines until the problem is solved. 


President’s Report:

Elizabeth Wulkan reported the Condo Association is in good shape.  We (Condo and Owners’ Associations) have been able to address all concerns.  The community participation in various groups is increased and communication among all residents has been improved through increased use of the Internet and the newly installed drop boxes,   


Lawsuit Update (Chris Nichols, SeaScape & David Hutt)

Chris Nichols first gave a brief summary of the Court Ruling on Summary Judgment – most of the ruling was in our favor - the parking lot belongs to the Condo Association, which can do whatever it wants with it, Sandie is not entitled to use the parking lot, Sandie does have rights to an easement (which we always agreed to), and Sandie must contribute to the cost of the entrance way.    


Mr. Hutt then reported on the progress of the lawsuit with Sandie LLC, which is now entering Phase II.  The court must now determine what Sandie must pay towards the maintenance of the entrance.  This decision will pertain to everyone – Sandie and all future owners of the Recreation Center.

This is a two-step process – how many items on the road, associated with the road must be paid and how much must be paid.  Eventually, the judge will make a decision. 


Several questions were presented and answered - Parking lot – cars, no cars.   The judge has determined that the parking lot is not part of the Sandie easement.   There are cracks in the parking lot and we do not have to maintain it.  We are going to shut it down, as soon as parking bumpers come in.   DUCOIA states that we have to save and repave it, but if Sandie is not going o pay for paving, we should not have to pave it.  Sandie LLC has stated that they do not need the parking lot.

Bill English asked if there is any chance of another lawsuit?  No.

It is possible that Sandie, after working out the lowest price for the road use, may come back and add the parking lot to their list, along with a sign out front. 

The roadway leading to shops is part of court order - it has to stay open, along with the driveway back to Yoga parking lot.  There is a very small amount of land on our property.  When parking lot is closed, we have to leave an access road open leading back to the shop area.



Election of Board / Council (Chris Nichols, SeaScape) - 

Chris Nichols asked if there were any nominations from the floor?  None.  He asked everyone to look at the ballot and explained the process.  Unit owners are to vote for two of the three Condo Council candidates and three of the four Owners’ Board candidates.




Committee Reports:

Architectural Review Committee (ARC):  Bill Deist, Chairperson, was thanked for his many years of service to the community.  Ed Wulkan will be taking over the Architectural Review Committee. 

Bill Deist asked Chris Nichols to have the Group Cleaning trailer removed fro the parking lot.  Chris reported it belongs to a vendor that does work for us.  The request will be made to that vendor.


Documents Committee: Elizabeth Wulkan, Chairperson, began the report by thanking the members of the committee.

The committee has come up with By-Laws for the Owners.  We never had By-Laws for the Owners, so they had to be drafter.  These are now posted on The Plantations website.  The attorney and the Board have reviewed the new Owners’ By-Laws.  The Board will vote on these at the October meeting. 

The By-Laws provide for ABSENTEE Ballots, in addition to PROXY Ballots.  So, next year we will have to amend the Condo By-Laws to include ABSENTEE Ballots. 

Other documents reviewed – Letter of Incorporation, Code of Regulations (which can be merged with By-Laws), and the Declarations, which have some errors.  However, we must wait until 2016 to make revisions, due to a 30-year law in the original before changes can be made. 


Finance Committee: Sherry Minear, Chairperson, stated the report has already been given.  The committee will meet as soon as possible to construct a budget for next year.


Flag Committee: Ed Edison, Chairperson, reported he has been out.  The flag is at half-mast for 9/11 and for the Libyan ambassador recently killed.  New internal guts have been installed in the flagpole.


Landscaping Committee: Nick Fiorino, Chairperson, has resigned – as previously announced.  Par Torelli will be taking over the landscaping committee.  She is working on a long term, 5-year plan.  Anyone, interested in joining the committee should see Pat.  She believes that Bldg 9 is an example of what should not be done – as there are plants there that will grow to inappropriate sizes and others that require substantial care and maintenance.   


Nominating Committee: Ken & Nancy Brooks are not here today, due to the arrival of a new grandson.  We thank Ken & Nancy for the work leading up to today’s election.


Owners’ Forum:  Susan Spencer, Chairperson, reminded everyone of the Owners’ Forum meetings on the first Tuesday of every month at 1:00 PM in Bldg 6.

The Social Committee is being joined into the Owners’ Forum – Noreen Strohmenger spoke about efforts to join efforts with Plantations East planning a hors d’oeuvre party and several other events, including a Christmas party at Big Fish.  


Security Committee / Gates:  Chris Nichols reported – the gate issue has already been discussed.  The gates are out of order due to the transformer issue.  We are waiting for the go-ahead form Delaware Electric Coop. 

Again, there have been some unlocked cars that have been gone through during the night.  Please LOCK YOUR CARS.


Wastewater Committee:  - Bob Dickey, Chairperson, reported that the joint committee – The Plantations & Plantations East has been looking at alternatives – County & Tidewater.  The issue came down to cost.  The county provided a sketchy estimate and Tidewater is asking for about a 40% increase.  The committee collected feedback from both communities by - election buddy and write-in ballot.  The response is about two to one in favor of Tidewater. 
The committee was asked to be monitor for water issues, remediation & rates.   For communication in the future we, the committee, really need everyone’s e-mail address to be able to provide immediate information and thus reduces mailing expenses.
There will be public feedback meetings.  We, the committee, will also post info on the website.  Bill Deist thanked Bob Dickey and the committee for their outstanding work.


Website:  Elizabeth Wulkan thanked everyone for his or her feedback.  We will be installing a program called Next Door.  You, as an Owner, can join this service - you communicate with your neighbor about various issues.  A notice will be sent out when everything is mapped out and we are ready for service.

Elizabeth Wulkan then spoke about the information sheets – directions for trash and important contact numbers.  These sheets should be posted in your unit for use by the renters and others that may stay in your unit. 

Welcoming Committee:  Roseanne Perrone asked that the Welcoming Committee be abolished.  These services have been taken care of by the Owners’ Forum.  Roseanne thanked Amanda O’Brian of SeaScape for all her assistance



Property Managers’ Report: (Chris Nichols)

Chris Nichols began with a big THANK YOU to:

-       Terry Prindle for his efforts over the past 12 years.

-       Bill Deist for all of his service to the community, as he is leaving the Board at this time

-       Finally, Nick Fiorino, who has served on numerous committees and the Board.  We thank him and acknowledge his service to the community. 

Finally, if anyone can find time to serve on one committee, they are certainly welcome to join and help improve the community.


A report of what the Board and PM Company has done this past year.

(See list in the Agenda)


Ongoing / Upcoming Projects:

Electrical issue – already discussed.

Pond – Envirotech will be eliminating every tree around the pond, if the tree comes down it will damage the pond liner.  All of the embankment will be a little wider and seeded with wild flowers.   The perimeter of the pond will have pickerelweed – purple flowers around the pond.  Envirotech will maintain the wild flowers around the pond.  This process will take about two years to be completed. 


Bldg 18 Structural Issues.  We have consulted contractors, and then spoke to two Engineers.  Merestone will begin work this week.  Once that work is complete, we will be looking at all the other buildings to see if this problem exists elsewhere.
Encapsulation of the Crawlspaces – the Board is approving the contract for the last building and then there is one other unit still to be done. 


New landscaping ties at Bldg 4 & 5


New roof on bldg 4


Install electrical outlets at the bridge


New roof on the well house at the entrance



Resolve legal issues

Mailbox replacements on some Bldg

Make landscaping improvements

Thank you to Kent Holm for his tremendous work on the irrigation.  Sometimes using money out of his own pocket to complete repairs.

Paint 4 bldgs next year

Replace 1 or 2 roofs

Replace siding on 4 bldgs

Blacktop 1 parking lot



Resolve legal issues

Improve landscaping at the Entrance

Improve / replace street signage.  Making all the signs uniform

Complete pond repairs & enhancements


SeaScape Property Management is coming into the last year of the contract.  We sat down with the Board and worked out a multi-year agreement, which benefits everyone.



Issues for Owners

Balcony responsibilities – the Covenants state the balconies are limited common elements and belong to the unit owner.   The newer units have a balcony above the garage, which has a rubber membrane at the joint.  The cap of the balcony is wood with a caulk seal.  These items are the owners’ responsibility.  Changing a limited common element to a common element requires 100% of the vote to change.  Also, we cannot change the Covenants until 2016.   


Snow Removal –

reminder to use the RED RIBBONS if you are here.  These units will be shoveled off first.

            SFH- call the Seascape office for the names & phone numbers of vendors who shovel the driveways.

Dog Control – don’t leave the dog out on the back balcony, don’t turn your dog loose, and don’t leave your dog out on a leash/stake.  All dog owners are required to use leashes and to clean up after your dog.  Finally, don’t walk dogs on SFH lawns. 

            December mailing – 12/15 – will included payment coupon books,

            October 20, 2012 Board Meeting at the Lewes Library – 9:00 AM.



Old Business:

No issues     



New Business:

Committee volunteers – 2013 – asking, as always, for volunteers to assist on the varying committees. 




Election Results:

Thank you to the election volunteers for counting the ballots

Owners’ Board –

2 year term – Jim Anderson, Sherry Minear, Sal Somma

1-year term – Bob Dickey 


Condo Council –

2 year term – Jim Anderson, Elizabeth Wulkan

1-year term – Bob Dickey


The Board members were thanked for their service.





Bill Deist adjourned the meeting at 11:35 AM.



Respectfully Submitted,

Sal Somma











Condo Council:

President – Elizabeth Wulkan      

Vice-President – Bob Dickey (one year term)

Secretary – Sal Somma

Treasurer – Sherry Minear

Trustee – Jim Anderson


Owners’ Board:

President – Elizabeth Wulkan

Vice-President – Jim Anderson

Secretary – Sal Somma

Treasurer – Sherry Minear

Trustee – Bob Dickey (one year term)

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