The Plantations Condo Association

The Plantations Condo Association


Board Meeting – January 15, 2011

The Lewes Public Library

2:54 PM




The Plantations Condo Council: Carol Reed - President, Sal Somma – Vice President & Secretary, Sherry Minear - Treasurer, Bob Dickey, Elizabeth Wulkan - Directors.

Absent – Elizabeth Wulkan



Owners’ Forum: (15 minutes):

No one was signed up to speak before the meeting.



The President, Carol Reed, called the Condo Association meeting to order at 2:54 PM.

The corrections/additions to the minutes of the October 16, 2010 Board Meeting were already handled and the approved in the Owners’ Association meeting.



Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer, Sherry Minear, reported on the Condo Association balances:

          Wilmington Trust Checking                              $  64,414.98

          Wilmington Trust Savings (Reserve)                   101,768.50

          Reserve Fund-Vanguard                                      12,141.07

                    TOTAL                                                   178,324.55


Reviewing the Budget vs. Actual, Sherry noted that we are in the process of doing a year-end reconciliation and making some adjustments.  For 2011 we are already exceeding the Snow Removal allocation. 

          The delinquencies for the 1st Quarter were reviewed.  Letters have gone out where appropriate and referrals to the attorney were also made where necessary. 

          The Condo 2011 Capital Expense Items were reviewed.  The following items were already approved: Roof replacements for Bldgs 14, 22, 2; Siding replacements (Hardie plank) for three buildings which will be determined by reviewing all the buildings with cement board to find where the most need exists; and Stair replacement for three buildings (bldgs 5, 9, 13). 
The following items are on-hold and not yet approved: Parking lot (Orton Circle); Well pump (bldg 1); Well controller (bldg 1); Crawlspace remediation (bldg 6); Soffit / fascia (bldg 2); and Rain gutters (bldg 2). 

          Sal Somma made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report for the Condo Association.  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All Condo Board members approved the report.


President’s Report:

          See minutes of the Owners’ Association.



Committee Reports:

          See minutes of the Owners’ Association meeting.



Property Manager’s Report:

-        The December packages were mailed on Dec. 15.  None were returned.

-        Snow issues (sod/markers that were damaged have been repaired)

-        Transfer of funds to reserve – completed for year-end 2010.

-        Building inspections complete (separate sheet for stair replacement, prioritized).  Stairs to be replaced in bldg 13, then bldg 9.  Bill Deist reported that he was not satisfied with the finished work on the stairs at bldg 20.  Chris Nichols will look at the work, but noted that the finishing work was contracted to match the finish work on the existing steps in each building.

-        Maintenance schedule updated.  Bldg 14 roof updated.

-        Priority project sheet (Capital Expense items). 

-        Pressure washing of balconies/verandas in bldg 9.  No response has been received from the unit owners of bldg 9.

-        Bids / completed

Stairs rebuilt in bldgs 14, 15, 18, 21 & 22

Stairs stained in bldgs 14, 15 & 22.  Bldgs 18 & 22 to be done in the spring.

Roof(s) – bldg 14 is completed.  Bldg 22 is next.

2011 Painting – bldgs 2, 14, 15 & 22 – in the budget at the present.

          Sal Somma made a motion to approve the bid for the Painting of the above-mentioned bldgs.  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All Condo Board members approved.

Siding – Ball Peen (contractor) will evaluate the buildings and recommend the two worst buildings to be done in the spring.

          Courtyard blacktopping – Orton Circle (bldgs 16, 17, 18, 19).  Two bids were reviewed.  These bids were dated 9/28/09 and 10/14/10.  The prices were checked and are still in effect.  Nick Fiorino asked for both bid prices to be checked again.  Sal Somma made a motion to accept the bid for Jerry’s Paving, Inc., not to exceed $42,961.10).  Bob Dickey seconded the motion.  All Condo Board members approved 

-        JCN Status (Crawlspace remediation) – the company is out of business, however they will honor the warranty work on the units completed.

-        Delaware Electric Co-Op has disconnected 9 meters (12/16).  We need to determine which units had their electric turned off.

-        Landscaping contract – we are in year 2 of a 3 year contract.  Scott & Sons, the Landscaping contractor, was asked to edge the roadways every time the lawns are cut (each week), rather than every other cutting. This would involve an additional cost of $1,680 for the year ($140 per month).  After some discussion, the Board decided to hold off on approval of this addendum to the landscaping contract. Carol Reed will speak to the landscaper.

-         Road markers vs. Rocks. The question was asked, “Do we want additional rocks?”  It was suggested that we try some additional white lines on the edge of the roadway for the driveway corners that typically have road markers or that continually have ruts run into the grass.  It was suggested that a white line be added to the circumference of the circle.  Chris Nichols will be bids on adding the additional white lines. 

-        Waste removal – the Monday and Friday schedule will continue.  The dumpsters will be emptied once each week, instead of twice.

-        Sewer fee – the fee for the Gatehouse has been waived.

-        Bldg 7 lights have been repaired.

-        Leaves – the intention was for the leaves to be picked-up 1 ½ months ago, but with the freeze and snow this never happened.  The contractor will be doing this as soon as the weather permits.



Old Business:

Sherry Minear asked Chris Nichols if there could be a Cash Flow report done for the Condo Association?  Chris replied, “Yes”.



New Business:




Owners’ Forum:




The meeting was adjourned at 3:34 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Sal Somma


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