The Plantations Board of Directors

18395 Plantations Blvd.

Lewes, DE. 19958


June 21, 2011


Reminder: 3rd Quarter Payments are Due on July 1, 2011


Dear Plantations Owner,


As you can see from the note above, the 3rd quarter payments are due on July 1st.  The past two quarters, the Association has realized very timely payments of dues from well over 95% of the owners.  Thanks to all those who continue to send in timely payments.  Hopefully, you see the positive results the Associations are achieving with you funds.


This year has proven to be a busy time for the Associations; especially the Condo Association.  Following the installation of two new roofs in the community, the Condo Association approved the removal and replacement of the cement board siding from the bottom half of two buildings; Building 1 & Building 14.  This project addressed the deteriorating siding, which had lost both its aesthetic and practical viability.


The Association also inspected the buildings looking for cracked or loose cedar siding.  Countless boards were replaced, while others had new nails installed to better secure them to the building.  These boards will be painted by a professional painting contractor over the new 4-6 weeks. 


The painting contractor is onsite painting four buildings; 2, 14, 15 and 22.  They also will paint the bottom half of Building 1 where the new hardy plank has replaced the cement board.  Touch up painting will be done at building 13 as well.


The steps at buildings 9 and 13 were rebuilt and countless others through out the community were given a little TLC.  This was followed up with staining of steps and landings at 6 buildings in the complex.


A less obvious project too many owners is the remediation and encapsulation of all of the crawlspaces in building 7 and one in building 20.  This very important work is part of an ongoing project aimed at addressing the long time issue of water in the crawlspaces of many of the buildings at The Plantations.  The work was performed very well by Dry Zone of Milton, DE and should eliminate the moisture problems which had been identified in these buildings. 


We are happy to report that all of these projects have been brought in at or below the projected prices.  This savings will allow the Council to install another roof on a building this year as well as replace the cement board on 1 or 2 more buildings.  We also will rebuild steps at a third building.


We will soon begin the paving of Orton Circle; which is scheduled for late June.  This project will not only address the poor blacktop conditions along this road, but will also greatly improve the poor drainage which has long been an issue for residents who live in the buildings along Orton Circle.  The residents of Carter’s Grove Circle also have had to deal with poor drainage along the right side of their parking area.  A new drywell is being installed to alleviate the water from the surface of the parking lot.  This work should greatly reduce the standing water which is present after every rain fall.


While these projects are planned well in advance, we can not always anticipate what will come our way each year.  This year has been no different.  We started the year with an avalanche of ants which infested dozens of units in various buildings.  Now, termites have been discovered in two buildings.  The Association is currently working with several contractors to deal with this issue.  This does bring to light what could be a very serious problem.  If you notice small bugs with large wings around the building or trapped in a cob web, please notify SeaScape as soon as possible so the building can be inspected.


Many owners have undoubtedly noticed the missing fountains on the exit side pond.  This is the result of a significant power surge which actually blew the Delaware Electric Coop meter completely out of service two weeks ago.  Luckily, the fountains are equipped to handle such a surge and are being repaired under warranty.  They should be back in the ponds in 7-10 days.


Certainly owners are looking to find out where we stand with the resolution of the lawsuit filed against the Owners’ Association by Sandie.  At this time, we are awaiting the arrival of items requested by our attorney from Sandie to substantiate their claims.  Once this material has been received and reviewed by the Association attorney, he will report back to the Board and assist us in preparing for the hearing which we are anticipating will occur in late fall or early winter of this year.


As always, we look forward to hearing from owners with any feedback they may have.  We hope you are enjoying the beautiful landscaping our community enjoys.  It would be hard to find a more beautiful community in the state!


The Plantations Owner’s Board of Directors

The Plantations Condominium Council



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