The Plantations Board of Directors

18395 Plantations Blvd.

Lewes, DE. 19958


September 21, 2011


Reminder: 4th Quarter Payments are Due on October 1, 2011


Dear Plantations Owner;


Thanks to all who attended the recent Annual Meetings and to those who submitted their proxies. The meeting was very productive, as owners received updates on the financials, the Sandie lawsuit, the ongoing maintenance in the community and what plans the Board and Council have for the community in 2012.  Also, the Condo Association and the Owners Association held elections for the open Board and Council seats.  The owners Forum also announced plans for a memorial engraved stone to honor Former President Carol Reed for her years of dedicated service to the community.


Congratulations to the newly elected Condo Council member, Nick Fiorino and to the Sherry Minear and Sal Somma on their re-election.   In addition, Nick was re-elected to serve on the Owner’s Board.   He joins Elizabeth Wulkan, who was also elected to the Owner’s Board.


Thanks again to all who ran for office, served in the past, and to all the members who took time to submit your ballots. We also want to thank ALL of the volunteers who counted ballots, and assisted in the very successful (and enjoyable) cook out.


With all of the activities generated by the Owner’s Forum (such as the Carol Reed memorial, the cookout, and the many  informative meetings) we want to recognize Susan Spencer and Rose Perrone, Co-Chairs, as well as all of the other folks who have stepped up to serve on the Forum.


Financially, we want to remind everyone that the 4th quarter homeowner fees are due by October 01. Please make your payments in a timely manner, as we must pay our contractors and the utilities on time. With recently enacted banking rules the number of delinquent accounts greatly affects potential buyers, as well as existing owners seeking to refinance. If there are too many delinquent accounts in a community (and the percentage is small) most lenders are not approving any type of financing.  Currently the Plantations is in excellent financial condition and we need everyone’s help to make this to continue.


On the maintenance side…The property management company will soon be completing building by building inspections. Previously, this review has predominantly identified step repairs which needed to be made. Contractors have completed a good portion of these repairs, as well as the worst of the sidewalk issues.  We continue to work on crawlspace remediations, siding, downspouts and roofs replacements. The Association will continue to work with SeaScape to address these remaining issues in priority order.  A schedule will also be established for the 3 or 4 buildings which will most likely be painted next spring.


The Finance Committee will soon be reconvening to establish a budget for 2012. Once they have presented their recommendations to the Board and Council, the Associations will call a meeting of members to review the budgets with everyone.  Please keep an eye out for these notices.


Concurrent with State law, at this meeting owners may vote to deny the budget, if they feel it is in excess of what the law requires. We assure you, as rate payers ourselves, we strive to keep the fees as low as possible and still meet the legal requirements. We do feel a stable fee schedule is better than one that constantly escalates.


A few reminders…


We need to remind everyone the emergency number for reporting issues with the community wastewater treatment system is 302.362.0088. Please make a note of this, as the property manager cannot have YMG personnel dispatched to address a sewer problem. If you have a rental unit, please advise your tenant.


This emergency number should be displayed at each pump station so folks will be able to view the number there. Lastly, the number is also posted on the community website


The big annual package containing coupon books for 2012 homeowner payments, the finalized 2012 budget, the annual meeting minutes, a newsletter and other information will be distributed to everyone on, or near, December 19th.


Lastly, thanks again to all those who participated in this year’s Annual Meetings and Community Picnic.  The support you showed for your community and to those of us who serve on the Board and Council was truly appreciated. 




The Plantations Owners Board of Directors

The Plantations Condominium Council


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