Recycling Instructions:


There may be other ways to do this at other communities but these are the rules for ours. It is noted that some residents have requested a container with a slider door, so that folks don't have to throw stuff in the top of the container. We are working on that.

WE HAVE A SINGLE STREAM PROGRAM which means that all recyclables are placed in the container by our residents and are sorted later, at the plant. Here are the details:

Single-stream refers to recycling systems where recyclables are commingled. Items such as cans, bottles, and papers can all be mixed together. This makes it very easy, and convenient for people to recycle. It also saves transportation in the collection process. The single-stream recyclables are processed at Material Recovery Facilities (a.k.a. MRFs – pronounced “murfs”) where very sophisticated machinery separates the materials. Nearly all single-stream recycling programs in Delaware accept the following items:

•Aluminum cans
•Plastic containers that are rigid, such as bottles, jugs, crates, and tubs.
  °PET (#1), HDPE (#2), LDPE (#4), PP (#5), Mixed Resins (#7)
•Glass bottles/jars
•Steel/Tin cans
•Aseptic containers and cartons
  °Magazines, catalogues, telephone books
  °Junk Mail
  °Corrugated Cardboard
  °Boxboard (cereal boxes)
  °Clean paper bags
  °Colored Paper
  °Paperback books
  °White Office Paper

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